Monday, October 13, 2014


As of Saturday, we have a new four year old in the house.  We celebrated her several times this past week.  Last Monday, John and I got some time with just her, and we went to pick out her new birthday bike.  She was pretty pleased with the whole affair.


And, thankfully, the weather was vastly better than today.  Bella as a new four year old is a marvel of extremes - sort of like when she was three.  She is one of the most affectionate people I know and will randomly give hugs/kisses/cuddles and say that she loves you.  I relish those moments.  She is an amazing big and little sister, as her role in our family has her plum in the middle of it all.  She anxiously awaits Lily coming home from school each day so they can play together, and she cheers on the babies' every accomplishment with much hurraying and many high fives.  So sweet.

I won't sugar coat the fact that the past couple of weeks have had some hard moments.  I think she needs to know that we really are in charge, and she is looking for every loop hole or contingency to change our decisions or behavior.  This is quite wearing, and I wish I could say that I always handle it well - I don't.


However, most of the time, Bella is a true delight, and even in the hard moments, if I ask her if she knows how much we love her, she grudgingly says, "Yes."  She is spunky and funny and loves to imagine out scenarios and draw/color and read books.  Dressing up in princess dresses is a very regular occurrence.


We went out for donuts on Saturday morning to kick off the day of celebration that was her actual birthday.  I think we are all still on a sugar high.


Bella is truly a gift from the Lord, and we are so thankful she was born to us.  Looking forward to seeing what being four holds for her!

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