Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Sugar Cookies

      I love making sugar cookies.  Actually, I like making any food that can be made really cute, and these have such endless potential.  Yesterday, I took dinner to a friend, and I used that as an excuse to make up some fall sugar cookies, since that combines two of my favorite things.  Sugar cookies and fall.  Perfect.


I realized the full potential of sugar cookies for greatness several years ago.  John and I were about to head to Africa for a month, and a woman from our community group wanted to do a cookie sale to raise funds for our trip.  This act of kindness and sacrifice still stands out in my memory as a beautiful picture of someone using their gifts to serve the Lord and those around them.  She organized the women in our group to bake cookies, and she then decorated them into adorable animals.  The fundraiser was wildly successful, and I got to see the body of Christ at work.  And, I got to see how to make really cute sugar cookies.  Here's a peek at some of hers.



      Sorry - I don't know how to get those pictures to be any bigger.  Anyway - I learned how much fun sugar cookies can be.  I use this recipe from All Recipes - it was the most similar that I found to the one that she had used.  I do add an extra cup of flour to keep the dough from being too soft.  Also, a trick that I learned is to roll out dough using powdered sugar instead of flour.
      I, of course, had helpers with this little project yesterday.  Lily was so excited to work on her own cookies.


I used buttercream frosting made from this Wilton recipe and dyed it brown.  I didn't have any of the brown food gel, so I used red and green food coloring to get it brown.  Once I still didn't like the color, I added cocoa.  I actually liked the way it tasted and the color got a little richer.  I cut this recipe in half, and I still had way more buttercream than I needed for this batch of cookies, especially since I was just using it as an outline and accent.  I outlined the leaves in the brown buttercream.


Then, I made up some of this frosting from All Recipes, which is more like a glaze, and it dries hard and shiny so they are stackable.  I dyed it orange and used it to fill in the cookies.  It spreads beautifully, and it is easy to adjust how thick it is based on how much milk or corn syrup you add to it.  I spread it around with a spoon after getting it piped on.


This is how Lily's cookies turned out.  She is learning!


Then, I used the brown buttercream to make leaf lines to complete it.  I have the Wilton decorating tips, but you could easily use a ziplock baggie with a little hole cut out of the corner for these.


There you have it!  There are a million tutorials about sugar cookies out there - I just thought I would show how I make mine and which recipes I use.  I have an entire Cute Cookie board on Pinterest where I keep fun ideas that I see.  People are so creative!

My assistant and her assistant would like to wish you "Merry Fall" and happy cookie making!



Katie said...

They turned out great! Super cute! I am now craving frosted sugar cookies. :]

Kristin Murdock said...

Super cute!! I have always wanted to make some of those insanely decorated sugar cookies, this *might* be enough motivation to get me to do it.