Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend: Dance Party

      Well, this weekend has been nothing short of glorious.  And, we packed it so full of fall fun that I am breaking it up into two posts.  Saturday morning, while John did his long run (he's training for a marathon!), I took the girls to a "TuTu I'm Two" birthday party hosted by a friend in my Bloom group.  It was one of the cutest parties I have ever attended, and the girls had a great time.  Everyone was told to wear a tutu - fortunately, we have a ready supply of those at this house.  Here's the group shot when we all arrived.


I love that the birthday girl is totally kicking it in her chair.  Lily and Bella were glad to play along with everything, and though it was a little crazy chasing the two of them around, it really was a lot of fun.


I think this is the prettiest party table that I have seen in real life - not on a blog.  Adorable!


Then, it was time for a dance lesson of sorts.  I didn't know how Lily would do, but she really listened and followed directions, which was great to see as a mom and super cute.

Picnik collage

This next pictures makes me laugh really hard.  She really ♥s Ring around the Rosie - she may love it more than everybody else.


Bella made her own fun during the dancing portion of the party.


Then, it was time for an adorable craft that utilized their little handprints to make a tutu - I did not get any pictures of it, since it was hard enough to wrangle them and paint their hands.  Lily snuck a donut during the dancing, and by the time I got to her - she stuffed the entire thing into her mouth.  Bella was ready for craft-time - she crawled away with the paintbrush.

Picnik collage

Then, they served cake on a giant blanket with the girls names on pink and white polka dotted duck tape and place mats (side note: "placemats" autocorrected to "placentas"  I am so glad that no one was eating off of placentas and so glad I caught that).  The girls loved all the treats and definitely got sugared up.


In that last picture, Bella is double-fisting it.  She is in training for her own first birthday party tomorrow night.  Hilarious.
      Happy Birthday, Allee - thanks for hosting such a fun party, Kelly!  We loved it!  Later on Saturday, we took a trip to the State Fair and had a blast and found $28.  I'll write about it tomorrow.


Kristin Murdock said...

OH MY GOSH I love it! And look at Bella being such a big girl and eating all by herself. LOVE it. :)

Kelly B. said...

Love the pictures Carol!! So glad you and your girlies had fun at Allee's party! :)

wallacefamilyblog said...

that might just be the cutest birthday idea ever-adorable!

Carmenzhss said...

that might just be the cutest birthday idea ever-adorable!