Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

I am updating this post for Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life.

Last year, we were the Birds and the Bees, which you can see in this post.  Here's a pic from last year.   


And, these are from the past couple of years.  I do love dressing up!

As we are preparing for Halloween this year, I am looking forward to dressing the girls up.  I really love any excuse to dress up.  I decided to share what we have been the last two years as we look forward to this one!  Last year, we were the "Peeps."  As in, Lily was Little Bo Peep, Bella was a little sheep, and John and I were full sized Peeps.  It was so much fun!

John and I were Peeps, in keeping with our theme.

Peep love.

Peep love.  I like to be something a little unusual.  The year before, we were the "Lep Family."  This one was a bit of a stretch.  It started with Lily being a Leopard, and then John and I realized we could hop on board with it.  I dressed as a leprechaun, which is not particularly flattering, and John was leper, which could be considered a little tasteless.  Fact:  did you know 95% of the world's population is immune to leprosy?  Things you learn when you google a disease to dress for it.

The Lep Family.  John, the Leper.  Lily, the Leopard.  And Carol, the leprechaun.

So, we have had fun dressing up in the past, and we intend to this year!


Kristin Murdock said...

I LOVE insane costumes! The leper is making me laugh out loud as I look at it. HI-larious.

Morgan Smith said...

Love those creative costumes!!

Veronika said...

What fun costumes! :)

Maydelin said...

I love all your costumes!! such a cute ideas