Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween: Round One

      Yesterday we went to our neighborhood's fall festival to kick off Halloween round these parts.  I dressed the girlies in their bumblebee outfits.

Picnik collage

I got the tank tops and leggings from Gymboree on clearance, and I made the antennae (pipe cleaners wrapped around alligator clips with a yellow pom pom on top) and the wings (tights around hangers tied together with black knit and worn with elastic around their arms), and I made little knit skirts for them.  I really did try to keep it simple, and I love the way they came together.  And the girls seem to like being Bumblebees.
      We headed down our street in the wagon.


We saw this gorgeous fall foliage on the way.


We arrived and tried to coax Lily into playing games.  She warmed up after a bit.


After a little while, we did the pony ride, which was a giant hit for Lily.


Not so much for Bella.  We took her off immediately.


She did like flying with dad much better.

Picnik collage

The last thing we did was ride in a trailer filled with hay, pulled by a four-wheeler.  Lily practically dragged us over to this - she was so excited.  And it was a great way to round out the party.


One funny thing came from this little shin-dig.  There was a jar of candy corn pumpkins, and people had to guess how many were in it.  We got a call later that night that we had won, with the guess of 362 when their were 367 in the jar.  She said she would drop off the prize today, and I didn't think to ask her what the prize was.  We won all those little pumpkins.  Lily asked if we could carve them - I wish.
      Tomorrow we will be celebrating again with friends, and John and I will also be dressing up.  Looking forward to another great time!


Anonymous said...

the bee outfits are precious.