Friday, April 13, 2012

Impromptu Playdate and Fun with Horses

      After rolling out of bed around 8:30 this morning, eating breakfast with the girlies, making a packing list for our upcoming trip, a little internet shopping and putting off taking a shower, it was 10:00 a.m. before I knew it.  Then, I got a text that went to our Community Group girls.  It said, "Anyone want to come over to our house and play outside?"  It also went on to say that she would feed us all lunch.  Umm, yes please.  I would love to put off productive house work and having to make lunch for my kiddos.
      So, we dressed quickly (okay, it actually took forever) and loaded up into the car.  I threw leftover lasagna in for the mommas to eat, since I figured I should contribute something.  What a delightful time we had.  The weather was perfect, and this friend lives out in the country a bit, so the kids could sort of run all over the place.

Everyone kept getting these two mixed up since they have the same build, and their hair looked so similar today.  Both moms were in shock when I got this jewel of a photo of these two stubborn girls.


We ate lunch on the porch.


The neighbors' dog came to play, much to the kids' delight, especially Bella, who kept calling it "kitty."


Then, we walked down the street aways to feed the horses.  What a fun treat!


Once the horses realized we had carrots for them, they headed on over.


Neither of my girls wanted to feed the horses, and Bella in particular was very scared.  The horses were really big and close.  You can see her in the background of this picture trying to scoot farther away.


The other kids really liked it.


Horses really are beautiful and majestic.


Here's our crew.  Lots of fun - thanks, Keri!  I love doing life with these people.



Courtney said...

Oh man, I sure miss you all! Sure wish I was there to have joined in on the fun!

Tales from Goshen said...

makes me wish I was in a community group!