Thursday, April 05, 2012

Picnic at the Old Mill

      The weather is stunning today, and we headed to the Old Mill - in North Little Rock, for a picnic with friends.  I grew up about a mile from this place and came here on field trips as a child, so it is a special place for me to be able to bring my kiddos to.  Right before we went on our picnic, we had to get a Typhoid shot for Lily.  After our last doctor's visit, I was a bit nervous to say the least, but I prepped her for it at breakfast, and though she cried, she did well.  Glad that is over with.

The Old Mill is really beautiful this time of year, though we did miss the Dogwood trees blooming.  We ate lunch, and John was able to stop by.  He happened to be in the area, so it was a fun treat for us all.


He snapped this photo of Lindsay and I - love her.  It really is great to have great friends to live life with.


The Old Mill is a sort of scary place to have an 18 month old who is rather fearless.  We spent a lot of time kid wrangling to make sure they didn't lean too far over a bridge and topple into the watery depths below them.  The kids had a great time exploring all the new places.


It is with some great amount of shock that I share the next picture.  These two actually stood still and smiled when I asked them to.  So sweet.


The big hit was throwing goldfish into the water for the turtles to come and eat.  This captivated us all for quite some time, though it is a little nerve wracking to see Bella lean towards the water as she shouts, "Kitty!" at the turtles.


Glad to get outside with the girlies, though we may never all look at the camera at one time, let alone smile.  What a beautiful day!



Elizabeth said...

Fun! I used to walk to the Old Mill all the time b/c my best friend in middle school lived down the street from it. I didn't know you grew up in NLR!

Angel said...

Wow! Such beautiful photos! The kids are beautiful. The scenery is stunning, such a contrast to Arizona where I live. Thanks for sharing!