Friday, April 06, 2012

Wrapping Up Our First Lenten Experience

      This year, John and I both chose to give up various things for Lent, something that we had never done. And, quite frankly, something I didn't really want to do.  Who wants to give up stuff they like?  It has been hard and good and sometimes frustrating.  I can't say that every moment has drawn us closer to the Lord, because it certainly has not felt like that.  What I can say is this - we have heard the Lord and seen the Lord work during this time in really great ways.
      I want to make markers to remember these times - times when we could clearly see God at work.  He is always working, but during this time, we have had some very clear instances to witness his hand, and I am so grateful.  And, we have some new direction for what we should do next, which I am a little shocked about, but looking forward to.  He has also been good to answer some very specific prayer requests that seemed a little hopeless - I am reminded that with God, nothing is hopeless - all things are possible.
      Today is Good Friday, which is leading us towards celebrating the most miraculous gift imaginable.  Because of our Lenten experience, I do feel that I can see it a tiny bit more clearly this year.  God came near on that Sunday long ago, and he comes near still, every day.  Because of Jesus's life and death and resurrection, we get to look forward to the day when there will be no more pain, no more death and no more tears.  He is risen, indeed.


Happiest of Easters to You!