Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend: Eggs and Bowls

      I'm feeling a bit short on words today - something that almost never happens.  So, this post will be mostly pictures of our weekend fun.  First up, neighborhood egg hunt.  It was broken into age divisions that started five minutes apart, so Lily and Bella hunted separately.


Not sure how we feel about the Easter bunny.


Sure about how we feel about the Easter bunny, though candy makes us feel better.


Opening the bounty.


Sweet girls who I cannot get to smile at the same time very often.


On Sunday, we took our CFA team bowling.  The girls got to do some bowling (though no shoes were small enough) as well, which was super cute.


Lily's technique to bowl by herself.


You need to sit down and watch when the ball rolls that slowly.  We concluded that bowling lanes must be slightly sloped, because every ball did eventually find its way to the pins.


Bella's turn - she clapped for herself once the ball was off and rolling.


When she wasn't bowling, I did catch her rubbing her belly button.  It's a bit conspicuous when you are wearing a maxi-dress.  Life lessons for the future.



Picnik collage

The weekend was good, and the week is starting well - though John and I are always noting "We cannot do it all."  I am not even sure why we try or trick ourselves into believing life rests on us at all.  We have a big trip coming up, so I am thick in the preparations for it, which is exciting, but also a bit daunting.  And, it is Holy Week.  This week we will be doing the Resurrection Eggs and preparing to celebrate Christ's resurrection - the cornerstone of our entire faith.  Looking forward to it!


Stefanie said...

Sweet pictures, but I'm with Lily & Bella ... that's the creepiest looking Easter bunny I've ever seen. Maybe next year y'all can bring a CFA cow with rabbit ears instead.

Linds said...

that easter bunny looks like an alien... what were they thinking?!?! haha!

Amber said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. I cant wait to have our Easter Egg hunt this weekend.

Tales from Goshen said...

Can I tell you how incredibly precious I think it is that Bella rubs her belly button? It just melts my heart every time you refer to it. Sigh...