Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our "garden"

      Well, after all that talking about a garden, I just had to have one after all.  This past weekend we put the finishing touches on our first little attempt at "gardening", which should be put in parentheses, because it really is small.  Several things helped us make this choice - 1) The "Puppy" Effect - John did not want me to be all excited about something for like two weeks and get sick of it after I realized that there was work involved.  2) Our backyard is crazy sloped and largely shaded - not an ideal garden locale.  3) We really don't know how much we will enjoy this little venture, so starting small seemed a good way to go, with very little commitment or need to tear up the flattest, sunniest portion of our yard, only to re-sod it next year.
      After doing a lot of research and spending some time on Pinterest (you can see my gardening board here), I narrowed down our options.  Basically, we hung a "garden" on our fence, because it gets the most sun, and John will be able to mow under it.


John built the two cedar containers and hung them up with chain.  In them we planted a tomato plant -


and a cucumber plant -


Or, as Lily refers to them - "Bobs" and "Larrys."  The other part of the garden is a vinyl gutter that we cut and filled with soil.  Lily helped me fill it with soil; she kept saying that she was "building towers."


Bella watched and rubbed her belly button.


In the top gutter, I planted Spinach seeds.  I am skeptical about anything growing out of these.


In the bottom gutter, I planted herbs.  Oregano -




Sweet Basil


Greek Basil (I really like Basil)


And, Rosemary.


We drilled holes in the bottom of the gutters for drainage and attached them with chain and zip ties, which will make it pretty easy to take them down come winter.


      My MIL got us the cute sign hanging between the cedar containers, and for Easter, she sent Lily and Bella all kinds of VeggieTale garden fun.  The girls loved filling the little pots, though we haven't planted their seeds yet.  Oh, and some of the dirt may have already come out as well.


      Having a "garden" fills me with a lot of optimism.  It is a hopeful thing to plant seeds, water them and watch for them to grow into something.  I can see why the Bible uses this process so often to parallel our lives - it certainly mirrors my hopes for parenthood.  And, it is interesting, because in both cases, God causes the growth.  I can only do my part of planting, watering and making sure there is a good environment.  In both my "garden" and in motherhood, I can only do my part, God does the rest.  That thought brings me great comfort.
      John should get a major shout out and many thanks, because he constructed the "garden" and made it all possible, even though gardening is on his Sucket List.  He's a great man.  Also, my friend Lindsay should get a shout out, because we planted a "garden" and will be leaving on a trip soon - Lindsay has agreed to water everything for us.  Friends are great.
      Here's hoping the best for the "garden!"


Amanda said...

So clever! We put in our first boxed garden this year, too! We've done basil in pots (which works pretty well), and tomatoes that only did so-so. So I'm excited to see how ours goes this year! We do get blaring afternoon sun, so it's good for something:)

You can put rosemary on your patio in a pot and it will last all year long!

Have fun!

Mom Spenst said...

Carol, so fun to watch you and the girls playing in the dirt/gardening. It is one of my favorite hobbies in the spring/summer. I have had so much fun telling people about Lily wanting to grow "Bob" and "Larrys". My boss even posted it on our business facebook! :O)