Wednesday, April 11, 2012

John's World: A Backstage Glance at CFA on a Big Day

      Yesterday, while the girls were at MDO, I had the privilege of heading to our CFA to help with a very large order.  A company here in town was doing an Employee Appreciation Day and asked us to feed their 1,400 people.  Our team was up for the challenge.  Doing an order of this size takes a lot of coordinating and scheduling ahead of time to ensure that every item of food is at the proper temperature and ready at the right time.
      By the time I got there, all of the cold items were loaded up and ready to go in a refrigerated truck.  It took one person four hours to brew all of the tea for just this order.


Here are some of our wonderful team members getting the 1,100 sandwiches ready to go.


Buttering all those buns.


Hand-breading all that chicken.


My job was to count sandwiches and pack them into the warm bags that keep them at temperature.  I basically had to count to 9 over and over again, since each bag holds 54 sandwiches in 6 rows of 9.  Since I am definitely out of practice on everything else, this was a good job for me.  It made me miss being there in the midst of the action.


All the bags of sandwiches got loaded into our Cow car ready to head to hungry people.


Since things were going so well, and we had extra people (like me) there to help, John had time to do some training for the new desserts coming out next week.


We will be serving Chocolate Chunk Cookies starting on Monday - can I get an amen?  Here they are, just waiting to be baked.


And, here's one last shot of our people helping to serve at the event.  We are so thankful to have such wonderful team members that love serving guests - we have been truly blessed in that way.


There you have it - a little backstage tour of a big day at our CFA.


Amber said...

We love CFA and make visits at least once a week if not more. Such great food!

I nominated you for a blog award:)

Courtney said...

Loved seeing behind the scenes and glad it went so well! I definitely will be trying the chocolate chunk ice cream dessert! Miss you friend!

Megan said...

We went through the drive thru yesterday at 11 and noticed the cow car being loaded up with food. Too bad we didn't see y'all! Oh and I ordered a small milkshake but they accidentally made it a large. I offered to pay the difference but didn't have to. Thanks!

Sylvia Hopkins said...

Hey I am sure everything was taken care of first rate. Love the "cow van". Enjoyed seeing a pic of our former employee.

Morgan Smith said...

such a fun way to serve people!

Mom Spenst said...

Oh those cookies really sound good. May have to drive to Colorado Springs to CFA to get one!! Love you guys-keep up the good work.