Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meeting Baby True

      Since coming back from Asia, I feel like I have been in a bit of a funk or a fog or something.  I am just now starting to do the things that are necessary to keep our household going, i.e. laundry, cleaning, sort of cooking or at least, re-heating.  One thing I did make a priority on our return was going to visit my new nephew, True.  A couple of months ago, we hosted a shower for Ellen and True, though we didn't know True's name yet.  I also showed off True's nursery here on the blog, which has only gotten cuter since then.  True was born while we were in Thailand at the very beginning of our trip, and through the magic of the internet, I was able to talk to Ellen after her delivery.  But, talking over the phone is not like being there and meeting baby True for myself.
      So, at the end of last week, the girls and I headed off for a night in the big city to meet cousin True.  That night, we went for an ice cream run at a place that I frequented during college.  True enjoyed his stroller ride.


The girls enjoyed playing with Uncle Luke and eating ice cream.  I am a great aunt, because once I showed up at their house, we realized that Bella had a fever.  So, she spent a lot of time chilling.


There are some things I don't miss about having a newborn.  This would be one of a long list.


Ellen and Luke seem made to be parents, and it was a joy and privilege to see them both in action, especially my baby sister.  How does she have a baby of her own now?  I thought she was committed to nannying mine forever.  Ahh, well.
      The girls were mainly interested in True when I was holding him or when he was laying by himself.  Watch out, True.  These girls are coming for you.  Whatcha gonna do?



We spent time literally strolling around Siloam and kept running into people we knew.  Small time life has some definite advantages.  It was so fun to start experiencing the journey of mommyhood with my sis.  She is definitely rocking it!


And, of course, there are already many amazing pictures of True taken by his father.  If you want to see more, follow Main Street Studios on Facebook for more of the fun.


Elizabeth said...

He's precious! Ellen looks amazing!

And I think your girls need a little brother! :)