Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Thanks

      Last night, as John and I were tucking into bed later than is good for us, I see him typing out a text on his phone.  I said, "Who on earth are you texting right now?"  My phone beeps.  John starts giggling.  I reach over and read, "Happy Mother's Day."  We both laugh.
      Since we got back from Asia last week and I have yet to really take on normal life duties, I neglected to send Mother's Day cards or gifts.  I wish I was so much better at this than I am, but the reality is, I sort of suck at gifts.  So, I am trying to make up for a bit of that by writing a nice blog post, something I am moderately better at than giving gifts.  (I did also send cute little videograms made on Shutterfly.  It's a good service when you fail to do things with enough time to send them via postal system.)
      This Mother's Day, I am thankful for the mothers that have shaped our family.  I have one of the best mother in laws imaginable.  Thank you for raising a son that loves the Lord.  Thank you for loving us and supporting us in everything that we choose.  Thank you for showing us what it takes to make a marriage work.  Thank you for encouraging me as a mother and making me feel like you would choose me over again to raise your grandchildren.  Those are invaluable gifts.  Thank you for praying for us diligently - we are so grateful.


      I also have one of the world's most wonderful mothers, of that I am quite certain.  Thank you for showing me more of Jesus by the way that you loved us and Dad.  Thank you for serving and loving us kids so well, and continuing to do so.  Thanks for reminding me that you are always on our team, even when it is the crazy one.  Thanks for being a wonderful example of how to parent children graciously, even when we were not gracious in return.  I have learned so much from you and have so much still to learn - love you!

(picture by Luke from Laura's wedding)

      I wish we could have celebrated with both of our mothers on this fine day.  Instead, we went to Senor Tequila and sprung for the sopapilla after our meal to celebrate.  This was made much less fun by the fact that Bella was moaning through most of lunch for no good reason.  Tonight we are going on a date night to get away from our darling children, which I think will make for a great Mother's Day treat at this stage in life.


Mom Spenst said...

Carol, thanks for the very sweet, kind words-you are such a dear daughter-in-law. I would chose you again!! But please reassure people that I don't go around eating trees! :O) Though I can get kind of crazy at times. Love you!!