Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Highs and Lows

      The weekend has come and gone, and it is Monday afternoon as I am typing this blog post.  Why do weekends have to be so short?  Here are some of the highs and lows of our weekend.

High:  Realizing that kids get funnier with age.  Several times while we were driving around this weekend, John and I burst out laughing at something Lily said.  Like, when Bella threw something on the ground, clearly on purpose and said "Uh-oh."  To which Lily quickly responded, "That was not an Uh-Oh, Bella."  I think parenting will always be morphing for us, but I like raising this little comedian.


(picture actually from this morning before our walk)

Low:  John drove over a bolt, which made his tire flat.  We realized on Saturday morning that because something was stripped - the lug nut? - he could not get the tire off and changed at our house.  We had to have his car towed from our house for a flat tire.


High:  Because of all the tire drama, we didn't end up going to the River Trail to work out as usual.  Instead, John took me on this trail that is woven right through the heart of West Little Rock.  In five years, this was my first time to set foot on it, and it was beautiful.


Low:  It was really hot for a Saturday in May, and John had to work Saturday night.

High:  Our store had the biggest week we've ever had, which is why John was working Saturday night at a special event.  What a blessing from the Lord.

Low:  I went to water my garden and found out that deer had gotten one of my two tomatoes that I had been cherishing.  The deer have also been eating the spinach.  I spent time researching deer repellant and came across a website called Deer-Departed.  I may have to try some of those home made repellants.  Since I have managed to hit deer with my car not once, but twice, I am getting a little sick of them.  It may become war against the deer in our backyard.


High:  We went out to lunch with a couple of other families from our community group after church on Sunday.  Larry's Pizza never even knew what hit it.


I just realized that I sort of ran out of lows.  What a great problem to have.  Here are the rest of our "high"lights.

High:  Last weekend John and I cleaned out the freezer and found all kinds of goodness, including these chocolate chip bars that I have been reheating individually and making into sundaes for myself.  Come to think of it, this is probably a low for my waist-line.


High:  We got a babysitter for the second Sunday night in a row and saw The Avengers.  I very unashamedly LOVE huge blockbustery movies, and this one was right up my ally.

High:  We finished up something important that I will be posting about tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


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Kristin Murdock said...

This post, more than any other, makes me miss you! It also makes me REALLY want to be a part of your deer war-zone. REALLY.