Tuesday, August 28, 2012


At least, I am hoping and praying that we are finished, and I am pretty sure that we are.  I thought we would be having this celebration last Friday, but then I found out that I needed a few more signed and notarized documents.  Just what I wanted to rustle up this weekend.  But, by the grace of God and some willing friends and family, we got the rest of what we needed.


This was all so exciting that it required two pictures with our dossier packet, the first one indoors.  The lighting was bad, so I decided I wanted another one out of doors.  I posted both to show what a good sport my husband really is.  Also, he is really glad to be done as well.  He said that doing all this paperwork and education has made him feel like he is in school again, and it is nice to be graduated from this phase.

I've heard the adoption process broken up into three trimesters before like a normal pregnancy.  The first trimester is the paper chase, and it is pretty glorious to have that be mostly in the rear view mirror.  I wanted to do our paper chase faster than anyone had ever done it before, because I am a bit psycho like that.  Since life, speed bumps and hiccups came our way, it wasn't quite as quickly as I had hoped, but it is done now.  We are still waiting on our immigration clearance, but our dossier can be submitted to our agency and hold a place in line while we wait for that.

We are entering into the second trimester - the Waiting.  With a capital W.  It's hard, because we really don't have any idea how long this trimester will be for us - we only have feelings and expectations that it could be quite long.  We should get our actual waiting list numbers probably at the start of October - apparently they are released at the beginning of each month, and since our dossier will officially arrive sometime in September, that is the first time we will be eligible to get a number.

The third "trimester" is after you get your referral, and you are preparing to meet your child/children.  My stomach churns with excitement just thinking of that.

As we continue down this road, I am amazed at how many unknowns there still are for us.  It is a good reminder that we are not in control, and that I can choose to over-analyze and try to micro-manage - OR, I can submit to the work that God is clearly doing.  He is working on behalf of our sons, whoever they may be.  He is preparing us for each other.  I am so thankful to trust that God knows it all and is working it all for his glory and our good.

Hooray for Second Trimester!


TheWhiteFam said...

Yay yay yay! What a great feeling! Congrats! I know the relief that comes with that and quickly followed by the "are you serious I have nothing I can be doing?" phase;)
Online shopping due to nesting instincts is dangerous and it worsens in 3rd trimester;)
Ps my husband wore that same shirt and tie combo today. Haha!