Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's been a strange week.  We've been getting back into our fall groove, which brings highs and lows.  Here we go.

High: More Major Potty Training Progress.  We hit another major milestone just today when Lily peed in a real potty - which she had never done, at a place that wasn't our house - also unheard of.  I actually teared up as the she was peeing.  That makes me sound crazy, but I just didn't know if this day would ever come.  We are finally getting somewhere - thanks be to God.


High:  We had some great ice cream tonight to celebrate the potty achievement.

Low:  I love getting back to routine.  I sort of forgot that our routine starts earlier in the morning than I have been used to.  I am sleepy.

High:  We are so close to getting our dossier done.  I mean - we may be able to send it off tomorrow, fingers crossed.  This is major.

Low:  Bellapotomus has been the Bella-beast a lot this week.  It has been so bad that on two separate occasions, as we have been walking to the car, I have had to carry her while she is screaming and trying to fall on the ground.  On both occasions, men that were looking on have made really helpful comments like, "She threw her bag on the ground" or "It looks like you need help."  Thanks for that.

Low:  Watching a close friend go through a hard time.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand what God is up to, but I am looking forward to seeing the ways that he makes it all good.  He certainly promises to do that, and I know he will.

High:  I know I am probably behind the times on this, but today, the girls and I enjoyed watching parodies of the Call Me Maybe song.  This one was our favorite.  Who doesn't love Cookie Monster?

We also liked "Farm It Maybe", Soldiers in Afghanistan singing it, and the girls loved the Dog Version.  Silly, mindless fun.  Sometimes I really like that.

Low:  Realizing that the tags on my car are over a year expired.  I don't know how that happened.  When I got a bogus parking warning at the bank when we were getting adoption paperwork notarized, the robo-cop asked me if I knew my tags were expired.  And I had to say, "Yes."  It still hasn't been fixed.  Please don't tell the police.

That about sums it up.  Tomorrow morning we are hoping to have our certified home study in our hands to be able to mail off our life in a packet, our dossier, as well as mail off our immigration approval form.  So, so excited for that to get this stuff behind us!


Linds said...

yay for potty training success! I would cry too... don't feel bad!

Mom Spenst said...

This Grandma is giving a sigh of relief-makes me want to cry as well. I knew the day would come, but it is so hard to wait for things to happen in life. I'm so thankful God is patient with us as He waits on us to get "trained".