Monday, June 09, 2014


Diving right in.  Because it's summer and all.

Low:  It feels like we live in the Pacific North West.  The amount of rainfall we have gotten and have predicted to come this week has made it feel like we are sloshing through the summer.  Thankfully, it has kept things cooler, and I am really grateful for that.

High:  The girls did swim lessons!  I feel like I accomplished something major just by managing to get them signed up.  Then I took them almost every day and was mostly on time.  John took them the other day.  Major wins on all fronts.

The babies did pretty well poolside, especially since the weather was pleasant-ish.


And by the end, we had girls that resembled fishies much more closely than at the beginning of the week.  Both girls got much more comfortable with being under the water, and I am so glad that we did this at the beginning of the summer.


They loved their teachers.


High:  The way the girls look while wearing their goggles.  Awesome.


High:  John took the girls to the Daddy/Daughter Date Night at one of the CFAs here in town.  I got a text about a spot opening up from a dear friend, and I got the giddy girls dressed for their date.


There was painting, and of course, eating to be enjoyed, as well as fun CFA treats.

The theme was "A Night in Paris," which is totally adorable.  As are these two grown men.

Low:  Some attitude problems cannot transcend even Daddy/Daughter Date Nights.  I think Bella mostly had a wonderful time, but before the date, there was some drama about having a "BRAID LIKE ELSA'S" but not necessarily being able to stand still for said braid.  And then there's this picture.  Hilarious.


Thanks, CFA Cantrell, for putting on an amazing night!  They had a great time!

Low:  Today I managed to forget a lunch playdate right up until the moment when the text about "Was I still planning on coming?" made its way to me.

High:  I have great friends who are gracious when I make these inevitable blunders and other great friends who say "No Problem, " when I ask them to pick up my oldest from VBS and feed them lunch while I head off to the other playdate.

High:  Lily really enjoyed her first day of VBS.  We are getting a tiny trial run of what it will be like to have her in school, and for me to have the younger three at home.  And it was good.  I missed her, but it was good.

Low:  When I read her a book before her rest time, I cuddled her close and told her that I missed her this morning.  She said, "You will get to see me on Saturdays.  That's how it works with big kids."

I have been thinking a lot of deep thoughts lately.  I may or may not be able to get them into blog posts this week, but I am hopeful that I will.  Hope your week started off well!


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

You will see me on Saturday. AMAZING. haha!