Thursday, June 05, 2014


My mind this week has oscillated between wild extremes of thought.  Like, look how awesome my Jamberry nails are!  To, why are children taken as slaves in the world and what could I possibly do to help stop it?

I told you it was extreme.

This is our first official week of summer where we are at home, and we have more unstructured time than normal, and I am actually loving it.  But, it means that everything, including my brain, feels all shook up.  Which lead me to "Totally Random Thursday."  I may or may not ever do this again.  We shall see.  Here's a little stream of consciousness for ya.

-  Every time I need rice for dinner, I take a measuring cup and head down to my craft room closet.  There is a giant bag of it leftover from Lily's 3rd birthday Panda Party, and I have never moved it back up with the food.

-  I have been obsessed with baking and dessert creating this week.  I made Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, because I actually found rhubarb at Kroger.  It never fails that the cashier asks what it is.


I don't remember if I have ever mentioned it on the blog or not, but my most embarrassing moment includes carrying two Strawberry Rhubarb Pies into a hotel.  One of them fell off of the cart - crashing to the floor in the middle of the two story lobby that was lined with people on their lunch break from a conference.  The glass pie plate shattered, and there was pie everywhere.  As I stood there, mortified, an incredibly kind janitor rushed to my aid.  The problem was that he didn't seem to understand when I was telling him that it was glass.  He kept picking it up with his hands, and they began bleeding quite a bit.  There ended up being drops of blood everywhere, mixed with pie, and I was crying, and he was saying what a shame it was that the pie wouldn't get to be eaten.  It was truly awful.

-  I also made Roasted Cherry and Goat Cheese Ice Cream, because it is so good.  I tripled the recipe, because if I am going to go through the trouble of making it, by golly, I want it to last.

-  In the car, I overhead Lily call something "Poop."  Bella called her out on this, and Lily denied it by saying, "No - I was saying "BOOB.'"  #ohthatsmuchbetter

-  We sadly* had to throw away one of our Frozen wands with a snow globe on top that plays Let It Go, because it had sprung a leak.  It is currently into the trash, so I am now randomly hearing strains of Let It Go from the kitchen.

*John does not think it is sad.

-  When I talked about Violet's peanut allergy, one of the things I mourned was not making Puppy Chow.  Well, I have since been introduced to all sorts of peanut butter substitutes, and I decided to make Puppy Chow with WowButter.  And guess what?  It is pretty darn good.  I daresay that most people would not notice a difference unless they were looking for it.  Both Lily and Bella were big fans.


-  I really like the WowButter.  However, I think it a brash marketing move to promote your product as tasting "Just Like Peanut Butter."  It is a really good substitute and does taste really similar.  However, it cannot taste exactly like peanut butter, because it is not, in fact, peanut butter.  Duh.

-  I am sitting in the midst of this week's laundry that is currently about 2/3rds of the way folded.  I am hoping to muster the moxie to fold the rest of it.

-  We are going to LegoLand later this month, and we have told the girls that they may purchase some of the small princess legos with their own money.  Which means that we have to give them their own money.  Which means that I have to come up with a system for them to earn some of their own money.  So, we are starting a few chores around here.  Both girls are pretty obsessed.  I have committed to painting their names on these pigs after writing this blog post.  We'll see if I can muster up the moxie for that.  Both girls have requested the color "rainbow."


I think I may also add eyelashes, because that would make the pigs extra cute.

-  Violet and William have both been clapping.  Especially Violet, who will now clap on command, which is just about the cutest thing ever, and she is SOOO proud of herself.  So thankful that they are continuing to grow and develop well.

-  I think I am going to order Christmas PJs this week to get it out of the way.  Including some for John and I.  When I mentioned this to him last night, he thought it was sort of crazy.

That bout sums up this edition of Totally Random Thursday.  Hope your summer is going well!