Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I'm back for one of my day in the life posts.  It is entertaining and enlightening for me to look back at these and see what my days looked like.  Here goes.

8:00ish a.m. -  I'd been up over an hour, and John graciously offered to take Lily to school, so I was blow-drying my hair before heading to Bible Study.  My hair desperately needs to be cut, and I will be remedying that tomorrow morning!


9:00ish a.m. - One of the best things about our Bible Study is that women bring breakfast each week for a massive spread.  It doubles as my breakfast and lunch on Tuesdays.  I did take a brownie.  It's never too early in the day for a brownie.

10:00ish a.m. - I had realized earlier in the morning that I lost my little pedometer and had retraced my steps to my car.  Then I left my bag there and had to go back again.  Sometimes it feels like my brain is leaking out bit by tiny bit, and other times it feels as if a floodgate has let it all loose.

11:40ish a.m. - After a beautiful morning with my small group, I'm back in the car, reunited with my Misfit that I found lurking in William's carseat.  It had popped out when I had to wrestle him in earlier that morning, which is no shock.  Wrestling with a wriggling sack of rocks is no joke.  But I was so glad to find it, because I will continue knowing exactly how many steps I do or do not take in the day.  Lucky me.

12:30ish p.m. - Finishing up lunch with the littles.  Violet is about to stand back up in her chair, and William's teething angst is continuing to be known.  He's a sad little fella these days.

1:15ish p.m. - Reading to Bella before her nap time.  Right after this picture and book reading, she threw a tantrum of epic proportions that seemed to arise out of thin air.  Nothing like a mid-day battle to keep you on your toes.

2:00ish p.m. - Sitting on the couch, with a sweet kitty for company, blogging.  I know that someday, probably in the not too distant future, I will look back and think these leggings to be a hopelessly loud and strange wardrobe choice.  But yesterday I found them fun and festive and just right with a long top.

3:05ish p.m. - Lily is almost always the first off the bus, and yesterday, she was chewing on her backpack as she ran to greet me.  I'm trying to help her break the disgusting habit of sucking on clothing or bags, but she seems quite determined to press on with it.

4:00ish p.m. - Babies were blessedly still sleeping, and I was trying to get cookies knocked out.  I did so enjoy making this bunch - so many fun colors!

5:00ish p.m. - After a phone call from John that he was on his way home, I realized that breakfast dishes were still piled in the sink, and I should probably do something about that before he gets home.  Not because he expects it, but because it feels kind of shameful to have not bothered cleaning the kitchen all day long.  Better late than never.

6:45ish p.m. - After eating at a friend's CFA for our school's Spirit Night, we walked over to Home Depot to pick up a few things needed to finish a project.  The evening was gorgeous and being outside was a delight in itself.

7:30ish p.m. - Heading home from picking up frozen yogurt, the sky continued to show off God's glory with its colors and clouds.  This picture does nothing to bring them justice.

8:30ish p.m. - Kids are in bed, and we are doing our level best to keep them up by hammering and drilling into walls in their hallway.  John was ready to knock out this project, and I was so happy to have bags off the floor.

9:30ish p.m. - Since the cookies needed to be mailed out this morning, I had to finish them last night. If you have ever wondered how the writing turns out so precisely on my cookies, here's the secret.  I often use a KopyKake - a cookie projector.  It's the handiest thing.

And just like that, the day is done.  The days do seem to fly by at an alarming rate in this stage, and I am thankful for the fullness and the joy that they contain.  I could do with a little less of the screaming, but I know that will come, and I'll lose some of the other joys when it does.