Sunday, September 28, 2014


When we started our adoption process, we thought we were going to adopt from Ethiopia.  We thought we would be getting two boys (ha!).  We thought they might have HIV.  We thought they would be around 2-3 years old when we brought them home.  There were many plans that we had for what we thought our family would look like, but only some of them came to fruition.  God had different plans for our family, and I'm so glad that he did.

To be really honest, John and I were looking forward to getting toddlers.  Neither of us are big newborn people, and one of the reasons we felt like international adoption might be a good fit for our family is that we would miss the itty bitty baby stage.  Obviously, we didn't want to miss chunks of our children's lives, but if there were children being adopted at those ages, we thought that might make sense for our family.

However, every time I walked through my entry way and saw these pictures of my girls, I wondered what I would do for our other children.


These are the "Baby's First Year" pictures taken by my amazing brother-in-law, Luke, at Main Street Studios.  In thinking that we would be getting older children, I was already trying to strategize for what I would put up to mark their lives in a similar way.  I sort of have a thing for matching, which you may have caught onto if you have read this blog much.  It made me sad to think I would not have pictures of their first year of life.

Then we realized that God had a different, more out-of-nowhere, plan for our family.  It included getting two newborns at the same time, which also proves that God has a sense of humor and knows what will stretch us into needing him more.  But, it allowed for pictures of almost every moment of their little lives, which is something that I treasure and do not take for granted - especially after thinking its not something we would get.

This week, we put up the twins' "Baby's First Year" pictures on a wall catty-corner to the girls.  To me, it marked a moment of survival - we made it through the first year with twins(!), and it was a reminder that God gives graciously and sometimes tailors his gifts to match us perfectly.  It's like he knew how much I love pictures and allowed me to have them.  I know its a little thing in the grand scheme of life and that I would have been fine without them, but I'm thankful.


And though having two newborns at the same time wasn't exactly my cup of tea, I wouldn't trade the time we got with them for the world.


When I look at those pictures, I am reminded of God's faithfulness and attention to detail.  He knows me so well and sometimes chooses to indulge in the little things that delight my heart just because he likes to give good gifts.  Thanks be to God for these precious lives.



Morgan Setzler Smith said...

great post. i can really relate to what you said about God giving us good gifts that feel like indulgences sometimes. loved the way you worded those thoughts that have been swimming around in my heart.... thanks for sharing!

Carol Spenst said...

Thanks, Morgan!