Thursday, September 18, 2014


I've got a bit of a thing for the four seasons.  I have seasonal traditions.  I look forward to certain foods or festivals as the year ticks by.  I have pictures of the four seasons in my home, and I am looking to acquire more.

(I purchased these pictures from iStock several years ago, and they are printed onto canvases and hanging over my fireplace.  I love them.  It's some beautiful spot in Sweden.)

It is fascinating to me that the Lord chose to break up our time here on earth into a rhythmic cadence. Sun-drenched summer with its pool time and popsicles gives way to the rainbow leaves and pumpkin patches of crispy fall.  The world is set alight with the magic of Christmas, and then everything settles into a sleepy sort of cold with snow on the bare-limbed trees and curling up cozy next to a roaring fire.  Just when it seems as if the winter will never end, bright spring green starts showing up all around town in places you least expect it.  Trees are covered with flowers as everything is reminded that new life can be found anywhere and everywhere.  I always need that reminder after winter.

This season in my own life is a full one.  When I glance around the room, I see a million things, big and small, that are screaming for my attention and time.  And there are four precious little people who depend on me for almost everything.  I work for hugs and kisses and the knowledge that this will all be worth it.  Even knowing all that and loving it, there are times of mental boredom and overwhelming physical fatigue.  It's just the season that I'm in.

As I take stock of all the things we have going right now, I am forced to conclude that we cannot be adding to that pile.  In fact, I've had to cut things - things that I have loved in the past - life giving things.  But, to be the wife and mother that I want to be and that God has called me to be, I've had to say "NO" to being and doing other things.  There is freedom in the release, but there is loss as well.

I'm left wanting and trying to embrace the season that I'm in.  I know it is fleeting.  I know that its joys are unique and precious.  I know that I'm tired.

Last night I reread Ecclesiastes 3.  The first 8 verses go through there being a time for everything.  I've always loved the rhythm of that passage and the way that our lives do mimic that reality.  And then you get to verse 11 -

"He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

He has set eternity in the human heart.  There is a reason that I am always longing for more; my heart was made for something more.  My heart seems to know that life is but a blink, but my mind cannot catch up to it.  I cannot fathom all that God has done, is doing or will do.  It's too big.

So, for now, I'm praying to see the beautiful in this season, in this time.  I'm hoping and praying for extra strength and grace in these long, full days.  I'm trying to just dig in - right here where I'm at, embracing the season.  For I am all too aware that "This To Shall Pass" - both the bad and the good.