Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes you get to soar to the highest of highs and spiral into the lowest of lows all in the same weekend.  This weekend was just like that.  I know I mentioned last Friday that we had some fun plans, and I was hoping that we would get to go in spite of Bella's vomiting.  Well, we all seemed to be in the clear still on Saturday morning, so John and I set out with some of our besties for Memphis. Here's a rundown of the highs and lows.

High:  Saturday was beautiful, and everything was coming up roses as we traveled to Memphis.  We stopped for lunch at Nick's (Fish & BBQ), where we were the youngest folks in the crowd by about 20 years.  All of the fried food was tasty, and we relished the fact that our 8 children were no where in sight or earshot.


Our first stop in Memphis was Sweet Noshings, and since we keep going there and making small talk with the owners, they recognized us as the CFA people.  We all stocked up on popcorn.  Yum.

Low:  After a few more shopping stops, we headed to our hotel to change, and they informed us that they had no rooms.  Upon further inquiry, we discovered that they meant they had no clean rooms at that moment, though we were there a full hour after check-in time.  Thankfully, I am married to a kind man who stays calm, and one room was made available in decent-ish time.  The four of us went from friends to family as we tried to all delicately change in one hotel room.

High:  We met up with friends who recently moved to Memphis for a delicious dinner at the Grove Grill.  It was so good!  And there was no wait at all since we were eating at 4:45 pm.  We felt a bit geriatric, but it was worth it.

Low:  Despite promising to order a pizza dinner for the kiddos and sitters back home, I had totally forgotten to do so.  I got a kind text asking which place I had called.  I felt AWFUL, but the couple staying with our kids took it like champs and got their own pizza.

Low:  We missed William's very first steps.  I got this precious video from the sitter, also during dinner.  It was an eventful dinner.

(Video is taking FOREVER to load - hopefully I'll be able to link it later!)

High:  WILLIAM TOOK STEPS!  I'm so thrilled that he wants to walk, and though he is still a long way from actually walking around, he is TAKING BABY STEPS!

High:  We headed from dinner to the Darius Rucker concert at the Memphis Botanical Gardens.  It was an outdoor concert, and you could take anything you wanted in.  Here are our kind pack mules waiting walking through the line.

It was hot when we first got there, but as the evening wore on, the weather became perfect.  Being there with good friends made everything even better.

Darius Rucker puts on a great show, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the concert.

Low:  I woke up at 5 a.m. with the dreaded stomach bug and threw up.  Then, at 8, we got a text that William and Violet had both gotten sick in the night as well.  This is what they looked like around 4 a.m.  Don't look too closely.

High:  You know you have good friends/sitters when they pick vomit out of your son's fro and tell you to stop apologizing.

Low:  Though I had thrown up mere hours before, I didn't feel too badly.  This stomach bug was mighty mild as stomach bugs go.  However, John started to feel it coming on as we headed home.

Low:  We got home and after thanking and apologizing profusely to our sweet friends/sitters, we basically crashed on the couch.  We were awakened to Lily saying that she had thrown up downstairs.

High:  After 11.5 hours of sleep last night, I feel much better, and everyone else is on the mend.  Lily is just about at the 24 hour mark and is having a blast playing downstairs with her younger sister.


When I wrote that God knew what we needed, I didn't realize that everything would be timed to allow a truly delightful and relaxing Saturday in the midst of what has been a pretty crazy time.  We needed the time away from our children doing something really fun.  I hate that it came at a high cost to the friends keeping our kiddos, but they gamely reminded us that they have opened their home for foster care and that it was great practice.  Nothing like sick one-year-old twins in the middle of the night to "break you in."  Happy Monday - hope your weekend was less eventful than ours!