Sunday, October 05, 2014


When I say that last week was a doozy, you've just got to trust me.  It about did us in.  There are a lot of moving parts to our lives right now, and I am looking forward to seeing what God will work in and through all of it.  This past week it just felt like we needed to survive it.

Low:  I feel like I managed to screw up a lot of food that I usually know how to make.  Take for example this coconut rice.  I don't think, "wait for it to get brown and stay crunchy" was written anywhere in the instructions.


High:  Kids really are funny and getting funnier the older they get.  Both girls have been telling us the first letter of random words they either hear or think of.  Like, "K is for kitchen" or "C is for Cake."  And I either praise them or correct them to the right letter.  This also can have other uses, like while we are finishing up dinner and Lily says, "S is for Still Hungry."  I had to hand it to her - that was right on point.  I also handed her more food.

Another funny moment was when I glanced at the couch and realized that John was reading the Bible to Lily and Spidergirl.

High:  We got to get together with some great friends that we don't get to see often enough on Monday night.  We enjoyed a wild dinner with all of our children at All Aboard.  (Kristen did a great job in charge of that end of the table.  And - doesn't she have some of the cutest boys?)

High:  Both babies are making a lot of progress towards walking regularly on their own.  William has begun standing up straight from the ground and is SO pleased with himself.  I got this picture from one of his therapists.

Low:  In the past year, I've had to make choices about what to do with my time.  One of the things that I have let slide is annual or bi-annual appointments.  I am overdue at the dentist's office, and I had to take care of going to the eye doctor this week.  Sitting around for 30+ minutes not able to see is just not a ton of fun.  Thankfully, my eyes aren't getting worse.  They are just staying at very very poor.

High:  In the midst of the chaos that characterized this week, we saw God's faithfulness shine through.  He really does carry us and equip us to do what he has asked us to do.  I'm so thankful.

High:  We headed to Siloam for a VERY quick trip.  John had some work related stuff, we took family pictures, and it was JBU Homecoming weekend including John's 10 year reunion.  It was certainly a packed time, but it was packed with goodness.

Cousin time is always sweet.  Looking forward to meeting Ellen and Luke's new addition next year and thankful for the baby's health in the face of Ellen's emergency appendectomy last week.

Walking around the campus where we met and eventually fell in love is a fun treat.  The dorm where John lived most of his college career has been redone and looks great!  It's weird to be the old ones walking around when it feels like we were just there.  You know, 10/11 years, several moves, a couple of business and 4 kids ago.

Luke did our family pictures.  Bless his heart, because we are not exactly a cooperative crew at our current ages - BUT - he always does a great job in spite of us.  (Shout out to my mother for the super cute dresses for the girls!)

We had a blast catching up with friends at a Homecoming picnic.  It was too many wonderful people all in the same place.  As we left, I told John that it was great to see friends, but I feel like we could have sat down and spent an evening or several days with many of those friends and still not feel like it was enough time.  John Brown University is a special place, and the friendships we made while at school are treasures in our life.

As a side note, there were kids running around everywhere, and they all became particularly engrossed with a flying drone.  It was pretty hilarious to see them all chasing it around.

And the sunset was killer to boot.

Low:  After getting back around 11 pm on Friday night, we had a very early morning the next day for Race for the Cure.  I was leaving our neighborhood before 5 am.

High:  After weeks/months of preparations, the CFA involvement at Race for the Cure went really, really well, which felt amazing.

High:  Saturday night, we got together to celebrate a coming baby for one of my dear friends.  Having a girls' night out was a great way to round out this week.

And now we are preparing for another busy-ish week.  The fall just feels like it hammers us.  Some of it is that there are too many fun things to do all at the same time, and some of it is there are too many not fun things to do as well.  That seems to be the way of life, and we are left trying to navigate what we should be doing.  So, I'm praying for continued wisdom and grace in that process.  Hope your October is off to a great start!


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

the pic of William standing up with that big grin on his face about melted my heart into a big puddle. That little man is ADORABLE!

Carol Spenst said...

Thanks, Linds! I'm pretty partial.