Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Gone are the days of two babies sitting "calmly" on a chair for their pictures.  Long gone.  I might be able to get pictures that are more posed, but honestly, I just don't feel up for the challenge at the moment.  So, I'm using these pictures from yesterday of my two precious babies who are busy, busy, busy.


Miss Busy Body


Violet is a dynamic, cuddly, precious girl that we adore.  She is in the 50% for both height and weight.  She regularly goes to speech therapy, physical therapy and developmental therapy and is making a lot of progress.  She can walk and often chooses to.  She is saying and signing "more" all the time, and there are several other words that she is using a lot.  It is AMAZING to see her come to life more and more each day.

Mr. Busy Body


William is a sweet, playful, loving boy that we cherish.  He is in the 75% for both height and weight. He has all the same therapies as Violet with the addition of occupational therapy as well.  He can take steps unassisted, but usually chooses to crawl.  He is just starting to say a few words, and he is motivated by Violet's progress - it seems he does not want to be left behind.  He really loves to laugh and makes us laugh regularly with his enthusiasm.

Here are some "awards" for my little 18 month olds.

Most Likely to Play with Their Poop:  Violet
Most Likely to Eat All of the Food on Their Tray and Their Sister's Tray:  William
Most Likely to Dance to ANY and ALL Music:  Violet (though William is starting to dance more and more)
Most Likely to Shut the Cat into the Closet:  Violet
Most Likely to Cry Inconsolably When Tired:  William
Most Likely to Throw Things for Fun:  William - boy has got an arm
Most Likely to Stand Up in the Stroller:  Violet
Most Likely to Moan in Delight while Eating:  William
Most Likely to Be Delighted by the Presence of a Cat:  This is a toss-up, both babies are pretty thrilled.  I think Violet may slightly edge out William.
Most Likely to Giggle at Something We Don't Understand:  William
Most Likely to Drool and Leave Wet Spots All Over:  Violet
Most Likely to Do Circles in the Kitchen with the Walker:  William
Most Likely to Be Compared to a Sack of Rocks:  William
Most Likely to Put Their Head on Your Shoulder:  Violet

Basically, these two are a barrel of fun right now.  We are really enjoying seeing them grow and come into their personalities and quirks.  Happy 18 Months, William and Violet - we are so thankful for you both!

(I had asked them to clap, and they both did!)