Friday, December 05, 2014


We are done decorating our house for Christmas this year just in time for our CFA Christmas party this weekend.  I did scale back, which was a good feeling and took less time.  We've already had to move certain items, because the twinsies have really taken to Christmas and like to carry things around and throw them on the ground.


Then, there's the normal wear and tear on various ornaments.


And, lastly, there are two older daughters that also accidentally pull down stockings and break stocking holders.


I'm on the hunt for a new "O," which Hobby Lobby no longer carries.  I have resorted to eBay and am hoping to win that bid.  In the meantime, our mantel says "NEL."  Perfect.

As I had all of these things sitting out on our counter waiting to be fixed or tossed, I thought that the theme this year could just be "Broken Christmas," because it did indeed feel as if everything was breaking or about to break.  After a few moments of mulling over that thought, I realized that having a broken Christmas really would epitomize what Christmas is about.

We are broken people.  We need to be scooped up and put back together.  Christmas is all about the beginning of our redemption.  God became man and delivered himself to poor teenagers in a stable in Bethlehem.  All so that he could save us from our brokenness and deliver us back to himself - whole and unblemished.

A Thrill of Hope - the Weary World Rejoices.  We are weary, but I can feel the edges of my heart start to thrill as I reflect on God's goodness to me, to all of us.  He loves us.  He came to be with us.  He didn't leave us in our mess.  Instead, he entered into the mess with us and gave us a way out.

This Christmas, I'm determined to let the broken things be a reminder of my own brokenness.  Which is good, as I will likely have several more opportunities to put this into practice.  I hope that in the midst of the hubbub, you are able to reflect a bit on what Christ did.  It's beautiful and freeing and far more exciting than mere "Christmas magic" could ever be.