Thursday, December 18, 2014


Well, I've just about managed to give away all my teacher/therapist/neighbor gifts for the year.  It felt like a bit of a feat this year, because when all totaled, I ended up doing 16 boxes.  I *tried* to keep it simple, but that is not what I am known for.  The truth is, I really do love baking, and most of the time, this baking was a labor of love.

Sugar cookies are my very fav, mainly because of how pretty they can be.  Here's a blog post I wrote sometime last year with the recipes I use for cookies and various icings/glazes.  I have LOVED the set of Helvetica letter cutters I got earlier this year.  My other favorite cookie purchase of the year was an airbrush machine.  It makes stenciling a breeze and is so much fun to use.

If you are ever looking at a cookie cutter and wondering what you should put on that cookie, you can always google image search something like "Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookies" and find more inspiration than you can handle.  There are so many fun options out there!


Last year, I wrote a long post with links to several good cookie recipes - check it out if you need some new ideas.  This year, I used this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (the pics aren't working - it seems I lost a few months worth of blog pics from 2011, and I just don't have the time to go back and put them back on, so you'll have to suffer through, but I think you'll manage just fine.) and stuffed a Rolo inside and sprinkled them with sea salt.  Very craveable.

Here's a great post on cookie decorating by Bridget of Bake at 350.  It has lots of fun pictures and some great ideas.  I wish I had time this year to compile and try more recipes, but it is not in the cards.  So - enjoy these links!  Happy baking!


Kaity Stuckert said...

You seriously make the most gorgeous cookies ever!