Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Well, I knew that this fall was going to be a little hairy, but I still really wanted to get a few things magically tidied before I left on some of my trips.  My laundry room is pretty small, but it has a ton of storage - actually more than I have even utilized.  The problem is that my laundry room has often become a catch all of crazy.  Are people coming over and there is stuff all over the house? - throw it in the laundry room!  Is there something that I need to do with that piece of clothing that I don't feel like doing? - leave it laying on top of the washer!  Are there more bags than I know what to do with sitting around? - keep them in the laundry room!  (Then forget about them and buy more bags.  A different problem for a different day.)

Basically, it's been a pit for a pretty long time.  But - this magical tidying stuff is proving to work for me.  My closet has stayed mostly pristine since I tidied it back in January, and most of the spaces that I have done have mostly stayed the way that I put them.  (The gross exception to this is the kids' spaces which have a lot of helping hands. 😁)

So here's the before.  Keep in mind, my laundry room is small, with no natural light, so the pictures of both the before and after won't look great.


So, for the first time ever, I decided to put a little thought into what should go where.  Amazing what a difference that makes.  I am now utilizing the storage drawers under my washer and dryer for laundry products and our spill towels for anytime my kids spill something.  (Please tell me that your household always requires a ready supply of spill towels.)


I streamlined my cleaning supplies, and I got rid of a ton of the excess stuff.  Feels so good.


I also went through my cookie stuff and cleared anything that was just hanging out where it shouldn't have been.


Turns out, magical tidying is really just having a home for anything I have and doing my best to put things where they go consistently.  It's not rocket science, but it does require some effort.  The other thing about it is that once I get it all where it belongs, I really want to keep it that way and have found that I am willing to put in the effort.  Here's hoping it keeps!

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