Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our House: Christmas Decor, Round One

      Today I am elbow deep in Christmas decorating.  I love doing it, and since this is the second year in our home, it is a lot easier this time around.  I have always loved doing Christmas trees, and John is gracious about it and allows/assists me to do several.  I finished two today, along with the mantle.

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Our Willow Tree Nativity - John's parents so graciously got this for us several years ago, and it is one of my favorite things to get out every year.  I feel that it is timelessly beautiful, and I am always so thankful they made that our Christmas present.


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Flocked bird tree in the entry way.  Some things I grow weary of, but this tree charms me every year.  The greens, golds and browns warm my heart.

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      Last year I jumped onto the decorative mesh train, and I am mostly glad that I am on it.  It certainly does give a lot of sparkle and pop, which I love.  However, I tend to shirk big trends and this seems to be super trendy, especially here in Little Rock.  But I like it for now, and it also makes an appearance on my living room tree which will make its blog debut tomorrow.
      I made our stockings a couple of years ago patterned after that ones that I grew up with, only with applique on top instead of cross stitch.  I keep meaning to add little jingle bells to the ribbon, but I haven't found the right size bell just yet.  You know, totally a first world problem.



I put up a tree in our bedroom.  This has all of our personal ornaments - we collect them when we travel, and we also have many of the ornaments from our childhoods.  So, it is pretty random, but I love it.  I had helpers with this one, which is why so many ornaments are crowded toward the bottom.  I left them that way.

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I am not sure how many ornaments will last through the season at the bottom of the trees or how many times I will have to tell Bella, "no."  We shall see how that ongoing battle will go.
      As we got out our Christmas stuff, I was thankful for several things.  1) John makes us put it all away in a very organized fashion with everything labeled, which makes it easier to decorate several trees.  2) We put the lights up in this special way, which makes it so easy to put them onto trees.


3) We have these little stomper things for all of our trees, so I don't have to reach down to plug them all in.  Does that make me sound super lazy?  Oh well, I am really glad I have them.


4) I am glad I am married to someone who likes (or at least tolerates) putting Christmas lights on our house.  Here is the diagram he made from last year.  ♥ him.


So, that sums up my first Christmas decorating post.  I am trying to finish the rest tomorrow so that we get maximum enjoyment of it all.

To see the rest of the decor, click here!


Lorna said...

So pretty!!

1. I totally want a stomper thing for my tree. Being 41+ weeks pregnant makes me loathe bending over to plug in the lights.

2. Props to John for the outdoor-lights diagram. Must show that trick to my hubby, who does NOT like (or even tolerate) putting up Christmas lights.