Wednesday, February 08, 2012

John's Channel: Standing on the Shoulders of a Virtual Giant

      My palms are sweaty.  I haven't been able to sleep for the last few nights.  I have a reoccuring dream that I stumble without clothes into the blogosphere only to be pushed off a cliff and fall forever through cyberspace.  Yes, Carol keeps telling me it is just a blog post, but it is so much more than that--this is my pilot episode. 
      To prepare for this, my pilot episode, I followed the path traveled by many a great scholar, I went to Google.  Yes, I googled "how to make a successful pilot episode."  It felt as cliche as looking up a dictionary definition in preparation for a sermon, but it was all I had.  Honestly, I discovered nothing of true value except that a related search was "how to have a successful first kiss."  After chasing that rabbit for...well, let's not get hung up on how long I was distracted by this topic...I came back to my original topic.  (Side note: wikiHow claims there are 19 steps to a first kiss, not sure what joke to make about that one) 
      The only two morsels of information my attention span allowed me to pick up during my "pilot episode" research is that:
-  First, the pilot should start with a teaser. Hence the ridiculous peice of drama that was the first paragraph--I'll try to steer clear of those in the future.  
-  Second, that you have to introduce the main character(s).  In this case, that would be...well, me.
      I am the "John" of the "John and Carol Show."  If you've been reading the blog for any amount of time, you know more about me than I am sometimes comfortable with. (Don't think I haven't had Carol go back and pull content off the blog after it was posted...)  That's okay.  This blog has been a great thing for a our family.  
      All of this to say, I'm standing on the blog shoulders of my giant wife (I am secure enough in our relationship to not edit those last two words, but I'll find out later if my security is misplaced).  It's a little intimidating joining this adventure at this advanced stage, but here goes nothing.  And I guess, if my character never really takes shape, Carol can just kill me off (blog sense, not in real life) in a not-too-distant episode.  
      Amidst all of that, I forgot to tell you about myself.  First, I get distracted easily.  And:
      -  I'm 6'4"
      -  I run for fun...sick, I know.
      -  I love my family (that was a shameless ploy for an "ahh" from what I know is a largely female   audience).
        -  I seek to know and love Jesus.
      That's all I'm going to share for now.  It's the first episode after all.  I can't give it all away. 

If my show doesn't get cancelled, future episodes, may or may not include:

      -  My Drive (and Crash) Towards Perfection
      -  Kids Don't Make Your Life Easier...They Make It Better
      -  Bucket & Sucket Lists (I apologize in advance for this one)
      -  Two Older Sisters, No Brothers and It Shows
      -  I'm Not Even Going to Try to Change the World
      -  Entitlement: Thank God I Haven't Gotten What I Deserved
      -  Me-Me Conflict
      -  Sabbath-ing With My Hands
      -  Why I Love Being a Dad

If you have a request, let Carol know. In conclusion (I learned to say that in my high school speech class) thank you for loving my wife...she is everything she's cracked up to be and thank you for watching the show.



Jessica said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!! When is the next episode?? I need to set my DVR.

Kristin Murdock said...


Lorna said...

Ditto Jessica! Nice first run, John :)

Anonymous said...

I just gotta know, in that picture of little john, are you wearing some new balance 574's? cuz if so, you're rad. Even if not, the fact that they look like nb574's is worthy of consideration for rad-ness.

I've always enjoyed the mysteriously silent character of John in the j-c show, but I think I could be okay with you taking a more prominent lead, that is , as long as you don't try and steal the show, like Raven-Simone did with Cosby. You would balance out the wallpaper posts...not that I really read those...