Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend: SuperBowl and Activity Play by Play

      This weekend brought many things.  I was suffering from a pretty bad cold most of the weekend, which was a bummer.  We went out Friday night and discovered that we can get Lily to eat almost anything if it is pitched as a Vehicle for Ketchup.  She loves the stuff.  I held off on the discovery of condiments for years, but now that she knows, that girl loves her some ketchup.


We had a family yogurt date that lasted about 17 minutes total.


We vacated the premises when the running and screaming grew louder than we thought the employees should have to tolerate.  John was just so wound up.  As we were getting into the car, we realized that Bella is not a fan of her car seat, all of the sudden.  She was gripping the car door and planking as John was trying to wrestle her in.  That girl has some major muscle and fortitude.  However, once she was in, she was a docile as a sleeping kitten.  Crazy.

Saturday morning, while John was at work, the girls decided to make a lot of food.  Bella focused on consuming an entire eggplant while Lily mixed up some "corn sauce."  When I asked her what all goes into "corn sauce," she told me, "Chicken."  At least she is primed to join the family business.


Because of a 90% chance of thunderstorms that didn't materialize, I went running with a friend in the afternoon instead of the morning.  It was great to run with a friend, but unfortunately, this little 8 mile run produced my first vomit episode from this half-marathon training.  I think it was the afternoon running, and I will try not to repeat that again.
      We hosted our community group at our house for the Superbowl.  I made festive cookies.


There were a lot of kiddos that needed feeding, and this is when I am so thankful for our banquette than can seat lots of peeps.  Why yes, that table does seat 12!


The older kiddos played and then watched some of a movie.


The adults watched the game.  Some of the time.  There was also a ping pong game, a lot of dip eating and much discussion of things more interesting than the football game.  Though, I must say, it was a really good game there at the end.


My favorite quote of the night was when the oldest girl (5 years old) came upstairs looking for Ms. Keri. She said, "Ms. Keri - Emma needs a whole new set of clothes."  That is pretty much one of the last things a mother wants to hear, especially with no apparent explanation.  Awesome.
      And now, it is onto another week.  They really do seem to zip past.  I wonder what wonderful things and less than wonderful things this week holds.  We shall see!  Also, John says that he is going to post on the blog sometime soon.  Just a little something for you all to be looking forward to - he's pretty great.


Kristin Murdock said...

So many things I want to say about this - first off, look at Bella standing at the yogurt shop!!! She is so grown up! Second, Lily is really really starting to look like you - so precious. Third, It must have been super embarrassing to have to drag a screaming John to the car. Fourth - awesome job on the run I only wish I had been there to join you both. Fifth - I should have really just emailed you this comment is so ridiculously long. And finally - KERI! I miss you guys! xoxo