Wednesday, February 01, 2012

After the Rain

      This afternoon, what would have been a blizzard, was instead a thunderstorm.  Last year around this time, there kept being a lot of snow.  But, this year, it is simply warmish, humid and then raining.  Which has its major pros - like being able to take a walk in the woods after the rain.  Earlier in the day, as Lily was melting down when we left the playground, I tried to bribe her to leave peacefully by telling her we would go for a wagon ride later, after naps.  The bribe was moderately successful, and the only reason she wailed on the way to the car was that she didn't want to hold her backpack, not because we were leaving.  You win some, you lose some.
      As the rain was pouring down this afternoon, I thought a wagon ride was probably out of the question. It was so dark and stormy and not at all like normal February.  Turns out, it cleared right up, and since Lily's mind is like a steel-trap, off to the woods we went.  Our neighborhood has "Green"space built into it.  What this actually means is that the lot sizes are smaller, but there are woods between all the houses.  Pretty genius marketing, and it means that there is a trail system throughout our neighborhood, so that is really fun.  (Though I think the "Hiker Crossing" signs are a bit overkill.)  Also, it gave me more opportunity to practice shooting manually for the class I'm finishing up.

Girlies loaded up with their snacks.


Leaf-hunting Lily.  There were several for her to choose from.

Picnik collage

The trail was a bit muddier and bumpier than I thought it might be.  But, we certainly made it.  It was sort of like this hike (only not even close), in that if I had known all of the water and mud that I would be trekking through,  I might not have done it.  However, at each step of the way I thought, "I can do this.  This isn't too bad."


The pay off is that the girls LOVE ♥ our little nature walks, and it is always nice to get out of the house - especially in the late afternoon hours that can sometimes drag on.  Here's a little self-timer goodie to show them later in life - look, I was there!


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Anonymous said...

I love your photos and your last comment "look I was there" lol... that 's how I feel when I hand the camera to my husband and say "just get one so they know I was here too" I love the green moss, so vibrant and your girls are adorable!!

amy D said...

A wagon fun!! Your little girls are precious :)
visiting from the andersons :)

the osbornes said...

great pictures!!

Amy Coose said...

Your photos are amazing, and I love that you included one with you in it!