Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaptastic, Lily Funnies and Learning to Listen

      Today is that extra special bonus day that we get once every four years.  As I got to thinking about it, I wish it could be a bonus day - like, not a day of the week like normal, but its very own special bonus day that doesn't really exist as a part of our lives.  Instead of leap day falling on a Wednesday, it would maybe be sandwiched between a Sunday and Monday and be called Leapday.  Leapday could be a holiday of epic proportion, because everyone's routines would be nullified and maybe we could all dance and sing and have world peace and probably a lot of chocolate.  A girl can dream.
      Instead, today was leap day and Wednesday, and it was full of urgent-ish things that needed to be done.  Sometimes life feels like that, like I am trying to stretch the fibers of it to wring out just a tiny bit more time for everything and everyone that I love.  I heard a radio story all about how to find more time in your life, and I am realizing the humor and irony in that approach.  God gives us each 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It is our choices, each and every one of them, that determines how much "time" we think we have.  The other thing that I am starting to see and trying to learn is understanding how every moment really is God's time.  Who am I to dictate my schedule?
      Right now, John and I are trying to pare back some of the inputs into our life.  We are hoping to be able to see and hear more clearly, and I am humbled to see that God is honoring that and working in our hearts.  However, there is still so much clamor.  Life is clamor, and maturity is being able to hear through it.  Because God whispers.  I am immature, and I am sick of missing it.  I am also sick of not even realizing that I am missing it.  There is so much more to God than I even give him credit for as the Almighty Savior of the World.  I am glad to worship a God like that.
      Moving on . . . Lily is becoming quite the little comic.  As we were cleaning up from dinner this weekend while Ellen was here, Lily was rolling a napkin up.  She started to hold it with the tip down, and then she said, "Look!  I am frosting a cake.  I am making the grass."  And, she certainly was doing a bang-up job of frosting her invisible cake with her napkin pastry bag.  We may just have a pasty chef in the making.  She went on to inform me that she was making "Panda Cupcakes" all reminiscent of her Panda Birthday Party.  The day before, when John and I were talking about what we wanted to plant in our container gardens (okay, let's be honest.  I was telling John what I wanted to plant, and he was still wondering if he really had to do this garden thing.  He is getting on board.  Little by little.), Lily said that she wanted to plant some "Bobs" and "Larrys."  It took me a while to realize that she was talking about cucumbers and tomatoes.  We clearly watch a lot of VeggieTales around these parts.
      And, because every post needs a picture - here is sweet Lily's Oreo covered face at CFA last Friday night, courtesy of Aunt Ellen.


Happy Leap Day!