Friday, March 30, 2012

Capital P for Personality

      Bella is taking the world by storm at our house.  She has so much personality, and seeing it come to light is such fun.  She is talking more and more, which also includes really adorable, though mostly unintelligible, babbling from the back seat a lot.  And, she is getting the most darling curly hair.  It seemed to sprout from nowhere in the last several weeks.  I love the curled wisps in the back.  She and Lily make each other laugh so easily and squeal with delight at each other's antics.  (They also make each other cry a fair bit.  They are sisters, after all.)


This morning, Lily was wearing John's sunglasses, and Bella was asking for sunglasses of her own, in her own Bella way.  I got some kid sunglasses that we have with these results.


As John said, "You just can't beat a kid in oversized sunglasses."  It is cute every time.  Then John said, "If you are looking for Bella's paci, you might check your rain boots."  Thanks for the tip off, hubbers.  Bella would have had me stumped with that one.


Happy Friday!


Mom Spenst said...

Love those girls; they are just two cute!! From a very prejudice Grandma. :O)