Tuesday, April 16, 2013


8 years ago today, I was a blushing bride headed to say "I Do."  (see wedding pics here!) I loved the man I was marrying, and I knew him well.  We had already been through a lot, which was just part of the story that God wrote for us.  It is amazing that every year, I seem to love him more.  As we go down and deeper into life and learn each other ever better, I am so thankful that God placed us together.  And I would pick it all over again.

It seems that every year on our anniversary, a new adventure is right around the corner.

In 2006, we were preparing to graduate from our Masters program and trying to figure out what to do next.  We were planning world travels, and we celebrated in Tulsa at the Savoy.


In 2007, we had just been awarded a CFA restaurant and you had your first day of CFA training on our actual anniversary.  I was left helping with a grand opening and eating dinner with 7 other guys that night.  One of them joked that it took 7 of them to make up for the one of you, and they still didn't.

(on an anniversary/CFA research trip to SoCAL, late March 2007)

In 2008, we were right in the thick of the first year of our business, and we were hoping to become pregnant.  The next month, we found out that Lily would be joining our family.

(on a picnic dinner date at Pinnacle Mountain, April 16, 2008)

In 2009. we had a precious three month old baby girl and were trying to wrap our minds around being parents.

(trying to hike at Petit Jean Mountain in a thunderstorm, April 15, 2009)

In 2010, we were moving into a new house, and I was preggo with Bella.

(dessert at SO, after dinner at Bonefish - yum.  April 15, 2010)

In 2011, we were pretty much doing normal life.  We did do an anniversary getaway to Branson that year - so fun.

(dinner at Buffalo Grill with little friends on April 16, 2011)

Last year, we were preparing for a giant trip to Asia and talking about adoption.  We didn't do a big formal date - we decided just to pack for Asia.  We did take these two cuties out for ice cream.


And now we are waiting on some boys to be born who may or not become ours.  There is a business opportunity that we are working on.  We have community group tonight and are trying to work out a hot air balloon ride in the next couple of weeks that seems so elusive, since we have been trying to do that for 4 years or so.  We shall see.

Happy Anniversary, John.  It's been eight great years, and I am hopeful that we will have many more together.  Love, Carol.


Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! :) We'll celebrate our seventh this year.

Kristin Murdock said...

Happy Anniversary, Spensties!! Love you guys! Glad our paths crossed and God is letting us be a part of each other's stories.