Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Last night we pulled our little train into our little station of the world, which definitely feels good.  We spent a long weekend in San Antonio with some of our long time besties, which is always refreshing and fun.  I'm breaking this trip into two posts, both with highs and lows - this one will focus on Sea World and getting there.

High:  We love getting out of town, and it came at a good time.  The travel went pretty well, and when we arrived, we were welcomed by some of our very favorite people.  Seeing them and catching up on life and making new memories is always worth the trip.  (Brian is doing an excellent unintentional photobomb here.)


Low:  San Antonio is far away from Little Rock.

High:  Sea World is amazing.  Seriously.  There are a few things in life that always make me cry in life.  Here's a quick list:  Fireworks at DisneyWorld.  Baptisms at church.  The Olympics.  And Shamu.  Gets me every time.


It was so fun to see how much the kids were transfixed by all the shows we saw.


Our girls really are at the perfect age for this to be the perfect park for us.  It really is geared more towards smaller children, which was so nice.  They loved the rides, which was a shock coming from Bella, and there was a fantastic play area/splash pad that they heartily enjoyed.  So heartily that I couldn't take many pictures for fear of losing the other child.  (I was so nervous that Bella was going to scream on the Shamu coaster, but- she didn't, though she does look nervous.)


Other Highs at Sea World:  Getting to see the dolphins up close - though the girls were confused all weekend on whether an animal was a dolphin, a whale, or Shamu.


This walrus that was a part of the Sea Lion Show did sit ups at one point.  It is AMAZING what all they can train animals to do.  Truly.


We fed sea lions.


Low:  The hairless cat in the Pets Ahoy Show.  The show was amazing.  The hairless cat was a little creepy.


High:  I love family fun times, when being together is what makes it great.  Especially when we can share it with friends.  It is not always easy - but it is always worth it!


Low:  We got pretty awful sleep this weekend.  Our nighttime adventures included, but were not limited to-
  -  Crying babies
  -  Coughing
  -  Getting under the fitted sheet
  -  Finding out that someone we loved had died (more on that in another post)
  -  More coughing
  -  More crying babies
  -  Night sweats

High:  We went both Saturday and Sunday to Sea World, and Sunday was not very busy, which was such a blessing.  It allowed us to get this amazing picture with all of the Sesame Street characters.  Please notice that Bella is unhappy, and good luck finding Violet.  She's there - I promise.  This is probably one of my new favorite pictures ever.


Low:  As we were leaving the park on the second day, we decided to stop for a quick treat.  John said to find the least messy thing possible.  I managed to still pick the messiest thing possible.  Sorry, babe.


That wraps up this edition of San Antonio Highs and Lows.  Tune in tomorrow for more trip deets!