Monday, September 23, 2013


Every month I am amazed that another month has sped by.  That is the benefit and drawback of doing these posts - time seems to march on that much more quickly, but at least I am capturing a tiny bit of it through pictures.  Yesterday William and Violet turned 5 months old.  Though they have reached this milestone, I still cannot get a picture of them both smiling.


Miss Violet is an absolute delight.  She has certainly found her voice and often makes squeaky dinosaur type sounding noises just for fun.  She still loves looking at people and wants to be where the action is. She is also a major mover - always kicking and stretching.  She moved so much while taking these pictures that it was hard to get a clear one, since she was constantly in motion.


We don't go back to the doctor until 6 months, so I don't know what she weighs, but she is definitely growing really well.  Also, she is a bit of a bobble head, because her head is in the 90%, so she can seem a bit top heavy.  Just means she has a giant brain ready to get to work on all the world's problems.  You know, once she can sit-up by herself.  She is an incredibly messy eater and usually ends up with a milk beard, which doesn't seem to bother her one bit.


Happy Five Months, sweet Violet!  We love you.


Mr. William is also a delight to have around.  He is so very smiley and sweet.  He has started to be a bit more easy going than Violet, though if they are hungry, watch out - because you better feed them both five minutes ago.  He loves to be nuzzled on the nose and tickled.  The band-aid on his head is because he has impetigo - a common skin infection.  It's being treated with anti-biotics, but we are creating bald spots where the band-aid goes, which is just what I was hoping for.


He loves staring at his hands.  He seems to find it unbelievable that they are, in fact, attached to his arms and that he can move them.  Because we did have to go to the doctor for the skin thing, I know that William weighs 15 lbs, 8 ozs.  He's becoming quite the little chunk.


Happy Five Months, wonderful William!  We love you.  (side note - prepare yourself for the cutest picture ever.)


They are now starting to sleep through the night with a bit more consistency, and the rice cereal in their last bottle has seemed to help with that.  I'm so thankful.  All the colors of life seem brighter when you sleep all night, or at least a lot closer to all night.  The girls wanted their picture made with the babies.


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Hope that your Monday has started off well and that you are welcoming Fall's advent with open arms.  Fall is such a gift from God.  He knows just what we need, and right now, I need fall.


Stefanie said...

That IS the cutest picture EVER of him! What a sweetie! I can't believe they are 5 months old ... so glad you are getting some rest.