Friday, October 18, 2013


When we said "Yes!" to adoption, I had no idea all of the good it would entail.  I counted the hard costs, and I prepared for difficulties. I was excited to add children to our family, and I knew without a doubt that adoption was something God had for our family.

I know that God is good, but in our specific adoption, I feel like he has blown me away with blessings I didn't know to look for.

Every adoption has a unique set of circumstances, because every individual and every family is unique. One thing I haven't yet shared about is the fact that William and Violet have an older biological sibling that we know.  She is around Lily's age.  Before the babies were born, I saw pictures of her, and it gave me such hope.  We are getting to know her adoptive family and what a blessing it is.

A couple of weekends ago, we went over to their house for dinner and Gran Gran was there as well.  We told the kiddos that they were siblings, which of course, the twins cannot yet grasp.  Lily's response was to ask for ice cream.  So - I know she really latched on to the importance of this new info.


A year ago, if someone had told me this is what everything would look like today, I would be in utter shock.  So many things have gone unexpectedly.  But - it is truly amazing to see what the Lord has done.  He is redeeming things all the time, and he has given us the gift of extra family.  And - they are all super cool and fun, so that seems to be extra icing on the cake.  I look forward to years of modern family fun.  It looks different than I thought it would - and so much better than I ever dreamed.


I know there will be difficulties surrounding things in the future, because adoption has challenges inherent to the fact that our children will not grow up in their first family.  But - it is worth it, and it is a special treat to see what gifts God provides along the way.

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Kelley E. said...

Stopping by from the Kelly's Korner link-up. I always LOVE to connect with other adoptive families. Adoption is SUCH a blessing. Can't wait to continue following along on your journey. Congratulations- your children are beautiful!

Kelcie Huffstickler said...

God is writing such a cool and beautiful story for you guys. What a neat blessing for your babies to grow up knowing their biological sibling and for all of you to gain more "extended family."