Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It probably seems that life is all about Bella around here right now according to the blog.  Well - turning three is an extremely big deal.  It comes with all sorts of blog-worthy privileges like a party and starting gymnastics.  These things need to be documented.  Once Bella turned three, she could officially start going to gymnastics class, and yesterday was the big day.


She chose the boots and rocked it.  She was so excited to go to "nastics" as she calls it.  Her class is at the same time as Lily's, which makes it work for us.  We managed to work it so this year a lot of our friends are going to gymnastics at the same time, which means that we moms get to chat it up while the chitlins are learning.  It is a win, win, win.  It also meant that Bella had a good friend in class who was super excited for Bella to join her.  She showed Bella the ropes the whole time, much to Bella's delight.


Once Lily saw that Bella was getting her picture made, she wanted in on the action, and I always acquiesce if one of my kiddos initiates a picture.  She is continuing to love gymnastics, and I am so thankful to have a fun activity that gets them more active.  They are already active, but structured activity is so helpful every once in a while.


Taking pictures at gymnastics is a real challenge since the lighting is low, and they are behind glass.  Also, I have two other children to keep happy during the time - thankfully, my friends and their children help with this part.  I'm always getting help from my friends.


Both girls asked if they could go back to gymnastics today.  I guess that means they like it!