Saturday, November 29, 2014


Since we've owned a CFA, on many Thanksgivings, I remember saying John or I or both of us remarking, "I'm so glad we don't have a mall CFA and that we don't have to deal with the madness of Black Friday."  This year, we got to eat those words.  We are glad we have a mall CFA, and though Black Friday does bring madness, some of it is really fun.

Let me give you a little perspective - a normal sales day at the mall during most of the year is not particularly busy.  Saturdays typically double up what we would do on a normal day.  On Black Friday, we did about 5-6 times what we would do on a normal day.  It's a big day.  Saturdays in December end up being about 4 times as big as Jan-Nov regular days.  Those are some pretty wild swings and definitely not something we are used to, because our Free-Stander stays much more consistent year round.

Since it is our first year in the mall, we felt like we should be good sports and go ahead and be open from midnight to 9 pm on Black Friday, just like the mall.  That is one long day.  I wanted to see the fun and help out as needed, and since we had family staying at our house, it was easy to sneak away around 11:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving to see it all.

It was amazing to me to see all the people that showed up to the mall at midnight, and many of them had been shopping since either 4 or 6 pm, when Old Navy and Wal-Mart opened respectively.  From 12-3, we were really, really busy.


It was fun to work with our team at the mall, and when I wasn't helping pass out orders, I brushed up my milkshake making and tray washing skills when we were slammed.  I haven't worked a register in over four years, so I wasn't much help on that front.  I was reminded of how much I love working behind the counter.  It's a rush when it's busy, and I love having the right answers and by and large, being able to make people happy with some chicken.  Most people at the mall that night were in good moods and ready to have fun.

John and I left the mall a little after 3 a.m.  We look about as tired as we felt in this picture.


After a few hours of rest, John was back at it, and I took the rest of the family to eat breakfast at the much calmer free-stander.  Black Friday is typically one of the slowest Fridays of the year at that store.


We took John's fam for a visit to the mall that day to see that location and do a tiny bit of shopping with our six children five and under.


As I was checking out at Sephora, Lily told the cashier, "Happy Black Day!"  Bless it.  While it had a lot of fun moments, I'm glad that Black Friday only comes once a year.