Saturday, March 21, 2015


I've been doing The Great Spring Sort at my house, and it always gets me thinking.  This year I decided not to draw out the mental battle and instead, just get down to it.  So far, it is going more quickly, which is pretty exciting.  As exciting as a dining room table covered with clothing can be.

Can you spot the cat?  She's not supposed to be on the table, but we were about to have a bunch of little friends over, and I figured it would be kind to give her respite spot of sorts.


It's safe to say that one of my current hobbies is matching my children's clothing.  For now, the girls love matching, and the twins have no opinion and I am riding this wave of wonderfulness as long as it will last.  I go in shopping spurts as the new season approaches, and so I have been searching websites to find clothing that matches in the sizes I need.

There are so many options.  Far too many, really.

I've been spending time with a woman from Rwanda who has been in our D-group this year, and it has been wonderful.  I have gained a good friend and look forward to visiting them when they are back in Rwanda.  It has also been eye-opening.

I've traveled a lot and think of myself as someone who is fairly aware of the way the rest of the world lives in comparison to the way that I live here.  There is big gap, and I know it.  But, spending time with Annie has helped bring that home even more.

When I was asking her about the differences between how Christmas is celebrated in Rwanda vs. how it is celebrated here, she explained that people don't really decorate their homes for the occasion.  That is not a place where they choose to put their limited resources.  She went on to explain that it was amazing to her to see how much we change out decorations here.  Stated as an observation without a hint of judgement, she noted that she thinks this is one of the things that stresses out Americans.  We spend a lot of time doing stuff for every possible occasion.

As I have scoured the internet to find just the right clothing at just the right prices for my children, I've been amazed at the choices set before me.  And, I often feel like I get it wrong.  I spend too much time searching.  I always think that the next website will hold a slightly better combination of cuteness and reasonable price.  I cannot tell you how many little girls' swimsuits I've seen this year trying to find just the right tankinis, because I despise the impracticality of one pieces for people who constantly need to use the bathroom, but I also don't fancy showing large portions of my girlies' bellies.

Talk about the epitome of a first world problem.

But, I'm realizing its also a spiritual one.  My time and energy is easily consumed on things that don't last.  Their tankinis will last about 4 months.  That's it.  I need more self-discipline to live in this option saturated world in a way that is pleasing to the Lord with my time and energy.  I don't want to miss the things that matter while I busy myself with things that don't.  Living in a society where it is up to us to limit our own options is my own personal challenge.  Since following Jesus always takes us lower, I'm guessing that also takes me to a place with fewer options.

I'm not sure what all that looks like yet:  I'm very much in process on this one.  And I'm still looking for another tankini.  I need to be able to get it in size 2T and 6.