Monday, March 09, 2015


Today we are back at routine and looking ahead to what should be a *normal* week.  Meaning anything could happen at any time to throw this off, but for now, things seem to be moving ahead with no major hitches.  Fingers crossed on that one.  #pleasenomoresnow

I am feeling surprisingly light today.  As if there might be light at the end of the gloomy winter tunnel, and I could sure use some light.  Here are a few of our highs and lows from this weekend.

High:  Saturday brought sunshine.  Good for my shriveled soul.

High:  Lily and Bella did awesome playing together so much of the days on end that we had together.  I'm so thankful that they get along so well.

Things overheard between them recently:
     - They have an imaginary friend named "Mr. Hmm Hmm" who mostly rides in the car with us and gets buckled between them.
     - Our babysitter overheard Lily telling Bella that Dr. Suess and the Cat in the Hat are the same person, just like God and Jesus are the same person.  Our theology might need a little work.
     - Bella: Eagles are dangerous.  Lily: No, Bella.  Eagles are not dangerous.  They fly around and protect America.
     - Today Bella told me that Lily was going to beat her to "a Dolt."  But that she was going to beat the babies to "a Dolt," because she's FOUR and they are not even two yet.

They asked me to take this picture and held the grapes up between them so they would know what was in their mouths later on.  Four and Six are such fun ages.


Low:  I reached a low point on Saturday afternoon that culminated in a sobbing break down.  Twins that are almost two may just undo me.  There are a lot of needs at our house, and we've had a lot of togetherness.  After crying a bit, with children looking at me quizzically, and crying out to God for his strength, I was able to pick myself up off the floor and keep going.

High: Visit from Gran Gran - it had been way too long!  William loves to love on all animals.  In fact, he brings me books - not to listen to the story, but to have me flip through them and find the animals.  Then, he leans his face in to "hug" the animal on the page.  It's pretty precious.


High:  Eating out.  We eat at a Mexican restaurant near our house about once a week.  John and I have been splitting fajitas for as many years as we have been together, and it's such a tasty, cheap, comfortable meal that our kiddos now love as well.  We add a sliced avocado, white queso and three cheese quesadillas to round it out for us all.  And a cup of limes, por favor.


High:  Laughter.  It feels like we've been short of laughter lately, and I seem to require quite a bit to function at a high level.  This weekend I saw hints of it returning, and I am so thankful.


Low:  We decided to go to a winter festival - Lanterns - and our family made the grave error of listening to the website that said we should take the trolley.  NEVER again.  We had a feeling we weren't made of the trolley, what with our double stroller and children who wander.  But, we also saw a long line of cars turning towards the festival and thought the trolley wouldn't be that bad.  After 30 minutes in line, we were woefully committed.


To be totally honest, the kids did much better than the parents.  We were agitated with our poor choice and frustrated by the long lines.  By the time we got to the festival and met up with some friends in Mexico, I had no heart to enjoy the Mariachi band screeching through the speakers.  It required a major attitude adjustment.

High:  We really did enjoy Lanterns once we settled in.  Our children did awesome, even when we kept them up late and had to ride the trolley back.  All in all, it was a great night with friends, and the weather was decent considering the week we'd had.


There was a unicorn that entranced the girls, though Lily did pull me aside later to whisper that she knew it wasn't a real unicorn.


There were lots of bubbles.


There was hula hooping which entertained all children for much longer than you might imagine.  Violet is a born dancer, and she starts moving along the moment music plays anywhere.  I've never seen anything like it.


Seeing the fire eater in "Ireland" was pretty amazing!


And - we got to hang out with these cool cats.  A good night all around.


High: We actually rested on Sunday, which was amazing.  There were long naps and very little work involved - both of which will go a long way to prepping us for a better week.

Low:  Springing forward always feels a little strange.  Suddenly we are waking up to darker skies and confused children.  BUT- those children are sleeping later for the moment, so I am not complaining much!

I hope that your weekend brought light and rest.  And - even if it didn't - know that God is for you, and there is light out there - even if you can't see it just yet.  Happy Monday.