Sunday, August 14, 2016


This weekend has been chock full of back to school prep.  Friday night we headed to the school to find out who would be teaching Lily and Bella this year.


The doors open at 5:30, and then everyone races to find their names on the lists posted around the school.


Having two this year made things feel extra hectic, but I'm so much more familiar with the school that navigating it all was easier.  I'm excited about the women that will be teaching my kiddos this year - here are Lily and Bella meeting their respective teachers!


This year, I ordered school supplies from the school that were waiting in their classrooms.  This was definitely the way to go.  👊  More perks of being a returning parent.


Once school supplies were settled, we headed out to Bella's choice for dinner.  John presented her with a butterfly necklace (like he did for Lily) and explained how starting kindergarten is just the beginning of her transformation into who God is forming her to be and how much we love her and will always be rooting her on.  Love it all.


It's hard to realize that Bella is actually starting kindergarten - she is so ready.  We are so proud of her and thankful for what God is working inside of her.  Can't wait to see the ways that she excels in the coming year!

We also had an open house for the twins to drop off their supplies and check out their classroom.  I don't think they really understand that this is where most of their days will now be spent.  They loved exploring everything in it and seem excited, for which I am grateful.

(Violet was particularly excited about this rug.)

I feel like tomorrow I'm going to be walking off a cliff.  I don't know what all is at the bottom.  I know there will be a safe landing, but I can't see that far.  As I talked to a friend today, she pointed out that we don't have to be ready - it comes either way.  I'm thankful that the time for change is here, though I don't know what all it will mean.

I know I sound dramatic - I don't feel like I can help it.  I've been on a steady diet of my own tears about everyone starting school and Olympic fueled tears whenever anyone wins or loses - so, you know, the whole time.  I'm sure I'll level out soon, but probably not tonight.  Lunches are made, clothes are (mostly) picked out, and backpacks are set out.  Ready or not, here it comes.