Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Being what Only I can Be

     This morning I got to see a bit of the sunrise, and it blew me away.  I was a bit drowsy, but decided to snap a shot of it.  When I take pictures of things, I feel like I get to keep them forever.  I know that may sound a little crazy, but that is how I have always felt.  Though I wasn't particularly excited to be up at 6 hitting snooze (that is what John and I call it when you have to put the paci back in the baby's mouth), I was thankful to see the beautiful colors and be reminded that God's mercies really are new every morning.  And I am so thankful for that.


   After going to Seminar last week and getting home to my "normal life", and I been continuing to think about how I use my time.  I am currently reading the book Choosing to Cheat, by Andy Stanley.  John already read it and wanted me to read it so we could talk about it.  Time allocation is our biggest struggle.  I would always want him to come home more than he does, and to be honest, he really is home quite a bit.  He is by no means a work-a-holic.  However, owning a business has unique pressures and responsibilities, and we struggle with balancing those things and having a healthy family life together.  As I have been reading it, I realized that I can easily get sucked into "work" things in our home and not focus on our precious little girls the way that I want to.  There are so many things that I want or need to do, and I want to do them to the Lord's glory and to the benefit of my husband and children.  I am learning that I will always be a work in progress, which is hard to accept when I want to do it all and do it all well.  Anyway, I would recommend this book - I am loving the practicality of it.  It is a good reminder that lots of people can cook, craft, clean and blog, but I am the only one who can be John's wife and Lily and Bella's mother.

Speaking of Lily and Bella - I brought home some CFA gear from Seminar to dress them in and have loved the results.

Girls Pink CFA
Girls Green CFA

I also loved this sweet moment between John and Bella.


     I had a feeling that once Lily could talk, I would laugh a lot more.  And that has proven true in abundance.  When we put her to bed, she often yells things from her room to try to get us to go back in there, which we never do, because she only gets more wound up.  At first, she just yelled for items, like "Bunny Rabbit" or "Lambie and Kiki" (her words for her special lamb and blanket).  In the past few weeks, she has started yelling other things like, "Diaper Change, Please!" - which is hilarious, since we know she is fresh and clean.  And in the wake of beginning to mention potty training to her, she will yell, "Tee-tee potty, please!" - though if we actually try to put her on the toilet, she freaks out and screams.  Two nights ago she yelled, "Read the Bible!"  It is a little alarming to realize that she already knows what we want her to do, and that she will try to use those things as a ploy.
     Last night I was telling my mom the latest, when she remembered a story from one of her own children who would do the same thing.  It was not me.  Let me start there.  Apparently one night, long long ago, when we were staying with my Aunt, my brother Mike kept asking for things to get Dad to come back to him.  He went through the usual, "I need to go to the bathroom" and "I need a drink of water."  But when all had failed, 3-year-old Mike finally yelled, "I need to take out my contacts!"  Hilarious!  I just know Lily will use that one of me soon.
     This morning, I had gone to get Bella, and I came back to the kitchen to find that Lily was sharing her breakfast with her bear who she had seated in the Bumbo.  Good times.

Bf bear

Now, I really am going to go paint the craft room.  Details to come.