Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Food: Cake Pops, Breakfast Pies and a Gift

      Here are two things that I have made this week.  I took both to a brunch with my women's Bible study, which I heartily enjoyed.  I also ate a TON of deliciousness and did not feel bad doing it, because that is what a good women's brunch should be.  Here is what I took - Little Chick Cake Pops, copied from Bakerella (a baking blog that routinely has the cutest treats EVER♥).  (I just learned how to insert hearts into my text - insert thrill here ____).


Lessons learned while making these.  1) Cake Pops taste really good.  I knew this already, but this exercise reinforced that concept.  2) Almond Bark may not, under any circumstances, be colored with liquid food coloring.  It turns into a horrible, crumbly paste.  3) You must use gel food coloring to get your almond bark the right color, and in this case, I needed even more than I had.  That is why my chicks are not as bright yellow as they deserve to be.  4) Understanding how to make little cake treats opens an entire world of cute baking possibilities that makes my mind spin.

I took Breakfast Pies as my main dish for the brunch.  I ♥ this recipe.  (I know, I really could go overboard with this ♥ thing.)  It can be customized a million different ways depending on what you like.  I used sausage with a can of chopped green chiles, and then I added a little onion powder and garlic powder to my milk and egg mix.  I also halved my biscuits so they wouldn't puff up as much, and so the recipe would yield more.  After about 18 minutes in the oven, they were perfect and ready to go.  Good stuff.


And, I received a delightful gift from a dear friend on my birthday.  It spoke to me on many levels.  Cute food.  Tasty food.  Included with the cookie bouquet was actual dirt and seeds to be planted once I cleaned out the cookies, which did not take long.  I am hoping that my black thumb may become a thing of the past and that little zinnias will be able to thrive in my care.  (I may put them where a sprinkler will get them and set us all up for success.)  Thanks, Lindsay - great idea, I loved it!



morgan smith said...

great ideas!! the chick pops are TOO cute

Micaiah said...

So glad you posted this about the cake pops. I was thinking about making them for emmas birthday but needed a good recipe!

Kristin Murdock said...

Super cute! And you went a little crazy with the hearts... which is exactly what I would have done! :)