Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Love Affair with Apothecary Jars

      I feel like apothecary jars are such a handy decorating tool to have in my tool box.  I had liked them for a while, and this past Christmas season I found some discounted at Kroger, of all places.  So I bought four. Never let it be said that I do anything half way.  I was reminded of my love today while I was shopping at Hobby Lobby (a place that I frequent so regularly that the staff recognizes me and notices when I get my hair cut. . . ).  I was perusing the Easter decor aisles and found myself taken with shiny Easter ornaments.  Lily was also taken - I had to keep telling her to put them back.  I thought to myself, "Those would work wonderfully in the apothecary jars and be so very springy!"  I thought the same thing about the Bunny Mix M n M's - seasonal M n M's suck me in every time.  ♥.  So I spent a little time this afternoon filling and fluffing my apothecary jars to brighten my house.  So fun.

Apoth 1
Apoth 2

I love that you can put anything cute in them and turn it into decor.  Those roses are left-over from a bouquet John sent me while I was in Wichita, and I thought I might be able to get a little more mileage out of them.  Apothecary jar to the rescue!  During the Christmas season I filled them with ornaments and candy (I am picking up on my theme).


I look forward to filling them with other thing in the summer and fall, since they are so versatile.  Keep your eyes peeled for your very own!