Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend: Hanging with some BFFs

      One way the Lord has been so very gracious to John and I is through friendships.  We have been blessed beyond measure with people in our lives individually and as a couple who love us and who love the Lord.  This past weekend we got to spend time with some of these friends in Waco, TX and at a family Ranch about an hour from Dallas.  What a blessing to spend time in God's creation as spring is starting to show itself.


Meet Brian, Steph and Corrie Claus.


We all met during our time at John Brown University.  Steph and I were roommates senior year, and Brian and John were good friends.  John and I actually set them up on their first date and doubled with them, though we were not actually dating ourselves at the time.  The guys put on "Future Career Night" for us, with Steph and Brian being doctors since she was headed to med school (and will graduate in June right after she has baby boy - way to go awesome Stephanie!) and John and I being a Prince and Princess since I had wanted to go to Disney World and be a princess.  (Little did we know that we would not become royalty and instead own a restaurant . . .)  Here we are all dressed for our dinner that started it all.

Us Date Night

After that date we all hung out a lot more and eventually each started dating.  Since that time we have been in each other's weddings, spent time in other countries and shared a lot of life.  They have called us right as we have had each of our children to tell us that they are pregnant.  It is funny and wonderful how God gives us friends and something I cannot imagine life without.

So, this weekend, we got to spend time with this family that is like family to us.  The girls enjoyed the gorgeous weather and the swing set outside.


The daddies got in on the fun.


The girls then played with, scratch that, ON, their dog, Mandy.


Once Bella woke up for her nap, she came out to join the fun.


I gave Lily an "M M" with these results.


The next day we went out to the Ranch - property and a cabin that Steph's family owns.  What a blast - including a canoe ride, an Arctic Cat Ride, rock throwing, napping and duck decoys.  Plus, perfect weather to boot.  Amazing.

Ranch 1
Ranch 2
Ranch 3

Several times that day, John and I said to each other that we wanted to savor it all.  Our daughters are just that sweet.  Our friends are just that wonderful.  The weather was just that amazing.  Our time was just that refreshing.  This is the kind of weekend that I can look at the gifts that our good God gives me and be thankful for the precious moments.  I want to cherish them all.

      We did watch the news and see all of the devastation and heartache in Japan, which definitely kept us grounded.  I pray that God can be glorified in the midst of the tragedy - it is such a reminder that things of this world are so temporary and can be changed in an instant.
      We drove home today and are gearing up to start another week.  Driving with two little friends is not always our favorite, though they really did great.  (Excluding the moment when Bella really got hungry and was crying, and Lily, not wanting to be outdone, felt like she needed to cry for a "Big Hug" as she kept saying.  We stopped within 5 minutes for dinner.)  We did play this awesome Melissa and Doug game on the way there and back which helped pass the time.  John is much better at this game - so much so that it was a little demoralizing.  (He is red.)


Thanks, Brian, Steph and Corrie for a great weekend - wish we could do it more often!



Judy said...

Just excellent, Carol, just excellent. Loved your write up and photos!