Thursday, March 17, 2011

McCuties and March Madness

      Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Little known fact - I was due to be born on this day, and as a child, my father always told me that it is a good thing I was a week late, because I would have been green if I had been born on March 17.  Narrow miss for me.  After seeing Wicked, I know that would be a hard life.  The girls were decked out in green - though Bella barely fit into the onesie that I had bought for Lily two years ago.


We went to Cupcakes on Kavanaugh after lunch all together, and Lily very much enjoyed her green mini-cupcake.  Totally worth the mess to watch her eat it.


I would like to note that I think Lily may take after my brother, her uncle Mike, in that when I ask her to smile for a picture, she often pointedly looks away blankly.  I have flashbacks to my childhood (and for that matter, my adulthood) of my brother doing this exact thing.

     This evening, I heard Lily saying, "I clean it.  All clean.  Diet Pepper."  When I walked into the hallway, I realized that I had not fully screwed the lid onto my Diet Dr. Pepper, and she was using the "Diet Pepper" to clean the floor.  So sweet.  I didn't let her see when I really cleaned it, because I did not want to discourage her efforts.  I need all the help I can get.


      I mentioned March Madness in my last post, but now it is in full effect.  Annually, this is one of John's favorite sporting events, and it has become one of mine as well.  (As far as I care about or really like any sporting event outside of the Olympics.)  I began liking it when I filled out a bracket.  The very first year that I filled out a bracket, I managed to pick the final two teams and the winner.  Which was awesome, since I knew nothing about it.  This strange trend has continued, and I have successfully picked 3 out of 5 of the last winners.  Now when I fill out my bracket, I am genuinely surprised when my picks do not win.  (Never let it be said that I lack for confidence in something that I know nothing about.)  Today and tomorrow are the really fun days, when there are tons of games and you really get to see how your bracket shapes up.
      A couple of years ago, when the tourney came to the Rock for a couple of rounds, I got tickets for us to go as a Christmas gift for John, and we had such a great time.  We plan to try to go to a March Madness Championship Game at some point.  We embrace the Madness.