Thursday, March 01, 2012

Smoothie Recipes: Health Can Taste Good!

      So, I have been drinking fruit smoothies this week and been adding spinach to them, which you cannot taste.  As a result, I have eaten a lot more spinach this week than I normally would - what a bonus!  I have created a nutrition board on Pinterest where I have been pinning lots of healthier recipes that I would like to try.  I used some of the smoothies I pinned there to create my own recipe.  So far, I have liked some variation of this one recipe so much that I haven't deviated much.

Here's what you will need.


1/2 Cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt
3/4 Cup of Water
2 TBSP Flaxseed
Big Handful of Baby Spinach
1 Cup of Frozen Strawberries
1 Cup of Frozen Blueberries

Pretty much just throw them all in your blender, or, it you are like me, into your Smoothie JR that you got for your wedding almost 7 years ago.


Blend thoroughly and dispense.  The great thing about smoothies is that they really are that easy and quick to make.  This strawberry/blueberry smoothie is really delicious and chock full of nutrients.  Bear in mind, I didn't know what flaxseed was until about two weeks ago - but it is great stuff.  Even with all that spinach, the blueberries keep this one pretty normal looking.


      I did the math on this smoothie and can tell you that if you drink the whole thing at once, it is 305 calories and cost $4.00.  The blueberries and greek yogurt make it more expensive.  If you use different, cheaper fruit, the cost will be less.  And, greek yogurt is twice the cost of store brand yogurt, but from what I understand, it packs more nutritional punch and is definitely thicker.  But, regular yogurt would be good too and cheaper.  I have found that I like using vanilla yogurt more than plain, because it is more of a sweet flavor.  Just a few smoothie lessons I have learned in my week of health.  I have a very long way to go.
      I have used mangos and bananas and peaches as well.  All good.  I plan on branching out and maybe trying oats in a smoothie.  Clearly, I am such an adventurer.  I have tried giving the smoothies to the girls - Bella is such a wild fan that I cannot drink one in her presence without giving one her own.  I have yet to hit on a flavor combination that Lily loves, but I can't tell if she is just being stubborn or if she actually doesn't like the way it tastes.  I sort of think she is being stubborn.


      I saw an idea on one blog to freeze smoothies for later on, and so I bought these Bell freezer cups (that are also dishwasher and microwave safe) at Wal-Mart in the 8 oz and 16 oz variety so I can freeze smoothies for me and the girls.  I like making things all at once and having them ready to go.



Happy Smoothie Making!  I promise - they taste really good.


Lorna said...

Try blending in some OJ instead of water & see if Miss Lily likes it that way. That's my favorite way to make smoothies! :)

Anonymous said...

Carol - I've tried oatmeal in mine before & felt like it cut the sweetness, which wasn't my favorite! Instead of yogurt, I use peanut butter, and I love the difference! But... I'm kind of a weirdo eater, so recently I made a smoothie with berries, tofu & broccoli! It wasn't bad... Just needed some honey to love. It up!


Anonymous said...

Liven it up. Not love. It up.

Kristin Murdock said...

Smoothie-making, along with the regular drinking of said smoothies, is on my sucket list. That being said, I SINCERELY applaud anyone (YOU!) who doesn't become violent with the blender when the ice doesn't chop just so. :)

Amber said...

I will definitely have to give it a try-these look great