Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Right this very second, I should be picking up my disaster of a kitchen and probably starting to mix frosting for cookies.  Unfortunately, my energy level is low due to this cold that I have and the general lack of sleep at our house right now, so I am sitting on the couch trying to work up the where with all to do much else.  So, sedentary blogging it is!

I did muster the energy to wrangle the babies for 9 month pictures when we got home from Mother's Day Out.  I thought about waiting a couple of days until Violet looks a little less pitiful, but, I don't know when that will be.  When I spoke with the doctors office, they said that sometimes a cold can take about 2 weeks to run its course.  Joy.  So, Violet doesn't look quite as perky as usual in these pics, but she doesn't seem to feel that bad, which I am so thankful for.

I feel that we are right in the thick of it with the twins.  Having two babies at once really is more difficult than I even thought it would be.  We are feeding them solids twice a day, and William usually is much easier to feed than Violet, still.  Though we do now know they are delayed, they are still making physical progress, which is really encouraging.  They love being in their bouncers, and they are both becoming so vocal, especially William.

Can you believe they have been around for 9 whole months?  Me either.


How's Violet doing at 9 months old?  Well, this week she has a cold that is clouding her little life a bit.  Bless her heart.  She is starting to sleep moderately better at night, which is encouraging.  Though she is in no way mobile yet, she is an incredibly active baby.  She is constantly kicking and moving and grabbing.  She loves people, and especially loves watching and being near her two older sisters.  Her smile covers her entire face, with her cheeks trying to bury her bright eyes.


And 9 months finds William possibly getting teeth.  That is the only thing we can point to for the upswing in high screeching screaming coming from his crib in the night that is only assuaged by a bottle.  His sleep has gone backwards, unfortunately, so it sort of feels like we can't win.  (But we are less angry about it in the night, so I guess we are winning.)  I am very much hoping that the teeth start coming out of hiding, because this build up to their appearance has not been pleasant.  But, William is still pleasant much of the time.  He is really a very happy baby who responds to people so well with his precious smile that lights up his whole face.


Anytime we sit them next to one another, Violet tries to get William's paci.  Like she doesn't have her own.


The girls wanted in on this photo shoot, which I was loathe to do, because I just wanted to be done.  In the first picture, you can see that Bella actually wanted to try to take a selfie with William.  By the second picture, the babies and I were over it all.


William and Violet, you are loved beyond words, and we are forever grateful that God put you in our family.  Happy 9 months!

Here are the other months!


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They are so stinkin' cute!! :)