Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I thought I might do one of these once a month, but I haven't exactly kept it up.  (Since the last one was last September!)  However, I did want to capture what one random summer day looked like around here.  This summer has had some really fun times, but a lot of days have been pretty ho-hum.  Not bad, but just not a lot exciting.  Here's a little glimpse.

9:00ish a.m. - I roll out of bed.  I am not kidding.  This is abnormally late.  All kiddos entertained themselves until this time, so it should be noted that most mornings - especially if we don't have to be anywhere at a certain time - are usually pretty chill.  I'm thankful for good sleepers/self-players.


10:00ish a.m. - I'm trying to get these yay-hoos all dressed and out of the house.  This is always a challenge, but - it's a cute challenge.  People always ask me how the girls feel about having the babies, and the truth is, this picture sums it up - they adore them.

11:00ish a.m. - A quick library trip before we head to William's first hair cut.

12:00ish p.m. - Hair cut done and onto lunch at CFA.  I love the Asian salad and eat it several times a week.

1:00ish p.m. - Arrive home with two sleeping babes.  This transition from two naps to one is a bit hit or miss.  They are really tired by late morning, and by early afternoon, they are out for the count.

2:00ish p.m. - Everyone is down for "Nap"time.  I sit down to write the blog post about the hair cut and organize pictures and surf the web.  Sitting feels good.  It's not that quiet, because the girls keep up a constant chatter from their "nap" locales, but at least I can sit on the couch.

3:00ish p.m. - Trying to finish this project that has seemed to lag on.  Thankfully I really like to look at the pretty fabrics, and I love completion.  I did finish them last night, so it feels good to have that crossed off the list.

4:00ish p.m. -  Those are the breakfast dishes that I still need to finish.  Truthfully, I didn't finish them at this moment.  I had a mild headache, took some ibuprofen and sat back down on the couch.

5:00ish p.m. - Both babies are up from nap time.  Sweet boy with his grown up short hair.

6:00ish p.m. - In a delightful twist of fate, we are given tickets to the new Chipotle premiere night.  It saved me from meal prep and clean up - something I am always grateful for.

7:00ish p.m. - After dinner, as we wait for John to get home to help with bedtime, the girls ride bikes in the garage - a favorite pastime of theirs.

8:00ish p.m. - Kids are all in bed.  John and I have been mostly watching the Tour de France this month, but last night, we took a break to watch the MLB All Star game.  I also enjoyed ice cream and shopping online.  I did decide on and order Halloween costumes yesterday.  I fully recognize that this is a bit crazy.  Sometimes in the dead of summer I find myself working ahead on all the hectic things that the fall and holiday seasons will bring.  Bella's birthday party is also in the works.

The last picture is from around 11:00ish p.m., because really, our evening was not too note or picture worthy.  John has had a wild month with work, and it will be continuing on for a while, so he had me proofread a couple of things.  Then, he got into bed before me, which happens almost every night.  I try to go to bed close to when he does, but I rarely get there at the same time.

This day is fairly representative of what this summer feels like - though it doesn't show that I often meet friends out and about.  I woke up with no actual plans to speak of and four little friends to spend the day entertaining.  The saying, "The days are long, while the years are short" really does put our life into perspective right now.

Hope that your summer is full of fun and mostly God's grace - because we certainly need that every moment around here.